Retd woman IAS officer’s family duped of ₹1.23 lakh in Zirakpur

Retd woman IAS officer’s family duped of ₹1.23 lakh in Zirakpur
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Fraudsters posing as bankers and SIM card delivery agents allegedly duped the Zirakpur-based family of a retired IAS officer of the Bihar cadre of 1.23 lakh.

The complainant, Pushpa, a resident of Rail Vihar, Zirakpur, said they were expecting a new SIM card to be delivered from Bihar on September 7. Her husband received a message with a link to check the delivery status.When he clicked on the link, he received a call asking him to pay 5 for immediate delivery of the SIM Card.

“When he did not pay the sum, he received another phone call from another phone number.The caller said that he must pay 5 through an online wallet and while he was talking to my husband, 5 was automatically deducted through auto-pay,” he said

After a few minutes, the complainant’s 85-year-old mother received a call from a man who said he was calling from the bank and 1 lakh had been deducted from their bank account. He asked her to call a phone number to stop the transaction. When she called up the number, within minutes two transactions worth 49,999 were deducted from their account.

The retired IAS officer said that when her husband checked his account, he discovered that 16,000 and 7000 had also been deducted from his bank in two transactions.

The complainant said that they somehow managed to trace the callers to Jharkhand and informed the police. She said, “We have been that the Jharkhand Police have arrested some gang members. We had to get all our bank accounts freezed to stop further transactions,” she said.

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