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Rishton Ka Manjha 4th September 2021 Written Update: Diya protecting Arjun

Rishton Ka Manjha 4th September 2021 Written Update: Diya protecting Arjun
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Rishton Ka Manjha 4th September 2021 Written Update: Diya protecting Arjun: Rishton Ka Manjha The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Diya protecting Arjun and Karan tells the guards to beat Arjun more. Arjun is less bothered by that. He starts laughing. Diya tries his best to save him. Karan tries to call the police but his father stops him. Arjun’s video gets viral and it has been shown in live telecast.

Arjun’s family watches TV and gets shocked seeing the chaos in the Academy. Deepika finds Diya bit familiar and she wonders who she is. Grandma comes and recognizes Diya immediately. She says this girl saved me on Amitabh’s birthday. Deepika says right. She asks if she is protecting Arjun means she knows Arjun beforehand then why she didn’t tell this to any of us that day.

Rishton Ka Manjha 4th September 2021 Written Update: Diya protecting Arjun

Rishton Ka Manjha 4th September 2021 Written Update

There Mohan is in the market and some people watch TV. Arjun’s news is shown but Mohan fails to see Diya. Grandma tells everyone that Diya surely doesn’t know Arjun else she would have told us. Niharika mockingly says seems like Diya and Arjun are lifelong partners the way Diya is being protective for Arjun.

Amitabh loses his calm and says he can’t understand what Arjun wants. Why he wants to ruin his family respect. Amitabh says now he will lose his 200 crores deal. He has to apologise to Mr Khurana on behalf of Arjun. Niharika says she is worried about Tina. What she must be feeling now. Amitabh feels bad for Tina and says he will say sorry to Tina’s father too. Amitabh leaves with Luv to meet Mr. Khurana. Madhuri says to Deepika she is really worried for Arjun. Why Arjun is going to the academy all of a sudden. In these five years he was calm but after meeting Diya he has changed in ten days. Is he going to Academy because of Diya only? Diya is pushing him towards badminton again.

Diya questions Arjun who is not able to walk properly. Diya says why he is so rude. Arjun says she is really talkative. Diya says she can’t leave Arjun in this state. She finds first aid in Arjun’s car but it’s not there. Arjun feels irritated and says why she has to treat his wounds all the time. Diya says he helped her father and gave them lift in Jamshedpur so she has to return the favor. She takes her first aid box and makes him sit.

She applies medicine on his wound and says her work is not finished yet because of Arjun only. In Jamshedpur also she reached late during match. Now she couldn’t meet Karan Mathur because of him. Diya applies medicine to his wound near his lips and Arjun feels pain. Diya says sorry and she comforts him by blowing. They get close and later they feel awkward.

Tina watches news in her phone where she sees Arjun’s video. She wonders who is that girl protecting Arjun. Niharika calls her and says did she see the news of Arjun. Tina says she saw everything. Niharika says she is feeling sad for her. Arjun is not giving her importance when they have planned to go for shopping and all.

Rishton Ka Manjha 4th September 2021 Written Update

Niharika mentions Diya and says she came to Arjun’s house once to drop grandma. Tina says marriage will happen for sure and they will go for shopping too. She cuts the call and says she will find out about Diya. How she entered Arjun’s life and what does she want.

Karan is getting furious and he punches the punching bag in anger. He asks his father why the latter didn’t allow him to handover Arjun to police as he crossed his all limits today. Now media is cooking up stories against Karan. Mr Khurana calms Karan saying they can’t react impulsively. They will warn Arjun instead. He says they can’t take risk by sending Arjun to jail as he is Amitabh’s son too.

Karan looks on. Mr. Khurana says he knows how to handle the situation. Amitabh and Luv meet them at that time and ask how are they. Karan and his father fume with anger. Diya asks Arjun did he throw shoe at Karan in Jamshedpur? Arjun smiles and says not just shoe he will destroy Karan totally. A backstabber like Karan doesn’t deserve fame and he can’t receive praises. Rishton Ka Manjha 4th September 2021 Written Update.

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