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Roja 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update

रोजा 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: अमुतनायकी ने शेनबागम को सलाह दी
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Roja 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Roja The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Anu says that She gets Sakshi contact out of the blue. Sakshi wished to buy the Orphanage land. Sakshi made her obey in everything using her weakness to buy that land. Roja and Shanthamoorthy tortured Anu in orphanage. She wishes to escape from that orphaage. How will she escape from there this Shanthamoorthy and Roja refuses to give her certificate to her. They threatened her that he will burn the certificate in fire. He deny it. Judge asks him to talk when his time comes. Anu adds that Sakshi killed Ganesh. Sakshi called Anu and informed to her that she killed Ganesh and tried to blame Shanthamoorthy done it. She said to her she will help her to settle well if she helps her create evidence against Shanthamoorthy . She fall for her words and agreed to obey her in everything.

Anu informed to Judge that after that incident Sakshi didn’t mind her and didn’t give single penny to her. Everyone cornered her from childhood days. She came to know the truth later Tiger Manickam is her father. Shanthamoorthy and Roja hidden this truth from her so many days. Shanthamoorthy knew well that she is Manickam daughter. He didn’t give the evidence to her and hidden it well. He wished to prove that Roja is Manickam daughter. Arjun questions her what will Shanthamoorthy get from this?

Anu says that Shanthamoorthy know Manickam is rich. If he send Roja to as his daughter then it will be helpful to him. Shanthamoorthy and Roja planned to share Manickam properties with each other. Roja knew well she is not Manickam’s daughter. This Shanthamoorthy created craveness inside Roja mind. Roja corrected Arjun learning he is rich. She was supposed to marry Arjun. She stopped her marriage and she is trying to prove she is Manickam daughter now. Arjun interrupts it’s not a matter now. Let’s deal later who is whose daughter? Is Anu has any links in this case or not that’s the matter here. Doesn’t Anu accepts her crime here? Judge calls Roja there. Judge questions Roja doesn’t she grown up in Shanthamoorthy orphanage? Roja informs to Judge that they blamed Shanthamoorthy and trying to escape from this case. Roja complaints that she badmouthed her here. Roja says that she created a fake story about Roja and send Shanthamoorthy to jail to hide her mistakes.

All properties belongs to Shanthamoorthy that Sakshi wishes to buy it at any cost. If Shanthamoorthy thinks then he would have sale it but he didn’t do it reason he wanna take care of many homeless peoples. He offered shelter and food to many peoples. She can’t able to bear the blame on him. Roja says that she is not saying this to punish anyone but Shanthamoorthy is in jail for the mistake she didn’t done. She begs Judge to release him. Judge asks her to leave and calls Sakshi there. She greets the judge. She questions Sakshi Is she accepting Anu’s statement? Sakshi complaints that Anu turns to mental. Her bad time started.

Arjun asks her to mind her language. Sakshi says if they allows her then she will kill Anu and goes inside jail. Judge questions her Is she accepting her crime? Sakshi deny it reasoning she is a Business woman. Anu created a fake story against her she is innocent. Arjun questions her why is so many cases are against her in police station. If they starts to dig then she might answer to them. Sakshi says she is business woman so its common there in business. She has enemy and cases against her so she might face it. Arjun teases her.

Manickam complaints that Arjun is making fun of all. Arjun shouldn’t have argue favouring Shanthamoorthy reasoning Roja is his wife. Arjun complaints if he is thinking that he can’t get justice from him then Anu is mentioning Manickam as Father. How will he expect the same from him. Judge says that Anu already accepted her crime. Manickam says that Anu is mentally disturbed. Arjun says that Manickam should have proceed it morning itself.

Episode end..

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