Sanjog 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Sanjog 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chanda making a drawing while Tara comes there and notices her. She then asks the latter to draw her shoes and questions, Chanda, why she is sad. To which the latter replies that she also wants to dance but Gauri prohibited her to do it.

Tara gives permission to Chanda to dance along with her at a birthday party but warns her not to do it better than her. She proclaims that she is best in everything and Chanda cannot be compared to her, to which the latter gets elated and agrees to Tara. She also states that she just wants to dance and doesn’t care about perfection.

Sanjog 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Sanjog 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Here, Chanda praises Tara for her talent and states that she is the best and no one can be able to beat her. Meanwhile, Amrita tries to convince Rajeev to let Gauri perform at Tara’s birthday party. She recalls that the latter also has her birthday along with Tara and is determined to do something for her own daughter.

Amrita tells Rajeev that the guests will appreciate them for having broad thinking by letting the maid’s daughter dance along with their kid. Rajeev gets furious at Amrita and questions why she is behind Chanda. He asks about her obsession related to her and asks her to focus on Tara only. She gets silent as she couldn’t able to give an answer to him.

Elsewhere, Tara comes inside Amrita and Rajeev’s room. She tells that she wants Chanda to dance along with her. Rajeev tries to deny but Tara convinces him. He smiles and agrees to all her demands. He plays with her while she laughs and then goes out of the room. Whereas, Amrita gets elated and promises to keep both her daughters together.

Tara goes towards Gauri and tells her that she fulfilled her request. Gauri praises Tara and manipulates her. She smirks recalling her plan and then forces Chanda to do well in her dance performance. She states that the latter has to win against Tara and lies that Amrita wants her to do good. Chanda gets influenced by Gauri and is determined to do her best.

Ahead, Rajeshwari gives a beautiful dress to Tara as her birthday present while the latter gets elated. At that time Amrita asks the designer to make one dress for Chanda also. Tara gets jealous while Ranjini reminds her that Chanda is just a maid’s daughter. Tara intentionally pours juice on her dress and says that she needs a new one. She gives her dress to Chanda and the latter accepts it happily.

Amrita gets shocked by Tara’s behavior and becomes concerned for her. Rajeshwari agrees with Tara and encourages her action. Meanwhile, Gopal confronts Gauri and asks about her plan. She smiles and asks him to have faith in her. She proclaims to fulfill all her dreams and is determined to provide the best for her kids.

Sanjog 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Further, Kothari surprises Tara at midnight on her birthday. Rajeev gives several gifts to her while Chanda also gives them a handmade bracelet but Tara denies to take it. Amrita makes the latter understand its value while Tara finally wears it.

Meanwhile, Amrita brings a cake for Chanda and asks her to celebrate her birthday while the latter gets excited. Gauri comes there and stops them, she scolds Amrita for showing dreams to Chanda. At that time Rajeshwari also comes there and scolds Amrita for her action. She asks the latter to apologize to Gauri while the latter smirks.