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Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update - Telly Show Updates
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Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The Episode starts with Reema seeing Badi Maa and others outside her house. Badi maa asks if she is Reema? Reema nods yes. Badi Maa asks if she is going somewhere. Reema says no. Sandhya asks if she is coming from somewhere. Reema says she was going to keep this bag. She greets them and thinks why are they behaving strangely. Sandhya says she is so beautiful. Badi Maa asks if you will not ask us to come inside. Reema asks them to come. Vivaan thinks what the ladies gang of his family are doing here? Reema goes inside and calls simar, says your sasural people came. Badi Maa says we came to meet you, didn’t your mummy inform you anything. Indu greets them and tells that she was offering prasad in the temple for the good news and that’s why forgot to give the good news. Sandhya says we thought to meet our bahu, so came and calls Reema as Reema bahu. She asks if I can call you bahu. Vivaan calls Reema, but she rejects the call. Reema says Reema bahu means. Sandhya calls her near her and says we want to make you our bahu, Aaracv’s wife. Simar 2 is happy for Reema, but gets sad for herself. Reema gets happy and asks Indu really. Sandhya says you had met Aarav. Reema gets happy and switches off her phone seeing Vivaan’s call. Indu asks Reema to make tea and breakfast for her sasural family. Simar tells Reema that she will come with her. Simar 2 looks on. Avinash comes there and greets them, says it seems relation is progressing fast. Badi Maa greets him and says I hope you will not return shagun this time. Avinash asks what are you saying?

In the kitchen, Reema switches on the gas and keeps the pan on the gas stove. Simar gives her tea container and asks if she is searching it. Reema takes it and adds many tea spoons. Simar stops her from adding more tea dust. She asks if she was there outside the Yamuna café near the car 2 days back. Reema recalls Photographer pulling her closer and says no. Simar says I think that I have seen you. Reema says you might be having a misunderstanding and asks who are you. Simar looks upset. Reema says it is confusing, I don’t know anyone and asks if you are Aarav’s mother. Simar says I am his Maasi. Reema touches her feet. Simar blesses her and asks her to see the tea.

Vivaan calls Aarav and asks about the girl whose pic was published in the newspaper. Aarav says it was a misunderstanding but now everything is sorted. He says he wanted to propose the elder sister, but had proposed the younger one. He says Badi Maa has gone to their house to talk about the alliance. Vivaan asks if the sisters’ surname is Narayan. Aarav says yes. Vivaan asks him to meet at the old spot. Aarav looks on.

Reema brings tea and keeps on the table. She then gives tea to everyone. Sandhya thanks her. Indu signs Simar 2 to come and greet them. Sandhya asks Reema to sit with her. Reema sits with her. Simar 2 brings water and keeps on the table. She greets Badi Maa and looks at Simar. Sandhya asks how are you? Simar 2 says I am fine and goes to bring breakfast. Simar signs Badi Maa and goes to Simar 2. She asks if she is happy as everything is happening as she likes. Simar 2 says she is happy as her Maa and Papa are happy, and Reema di is happy. Simar says but your eyes are saying something else. Simar 2 takes the breakfast for everyone. Badi Maa and chitra signs no. Simar notices Simar 2 sad. Shobha comes there with Roma. Badi Maa asks who called her here? Chitra says she called her. Roma goes to Reema and hugs her. She says she always wanted this for her cute sister. Sandhya covers Reema’s head with the red bridal saree. Reema thanks and hugs her. Simar notices Simar 2 sadness. Simar 2 recalls Sandhya accepting Reema for Aarav. She thanks Mata Rani for making everything fine, Aarav ji’s marriage is happening with someone whom he loved from the start.

Vivaan thinks to talk to Aarav and asks himself to be strong. Aarav comes there and says Chote. He says you are making serious face. Vivaan asks him to reply to him truly. Simar 2 recalls her accidental meetings with Aarav…Ishq Ishq hai kaisa…plays….She gets teary eyes and tears fall down her cheeks. She wipes her tears and asks herself to handle herself. Aarav says I used to like Roma’s sister Reema, but proposed her younger sister mistakenly. He says now everything is sorted, badi Maa and Maasi have fixed my alliance with her now. Vivaan gets teary eyes.

Simar 2 thinks Aarav and her meetings was accidental, he used to like Reema and wanted to propose her too. She thinks there is nothing like love and tears the page of her diary. Simar hears her. Simar 2 goes. Simar comes there and takes the paper and reads. She is shocked. Simar 2 comes from bathroom and asks Maasi, do you need something? Simar says you was standing there, then got missing from there. Sandhya makes Reema wear the necklace which they made Simar 2 wear that day. Reema smiles and takes Sandhya’s blessings. She looks at the necklace happily. Simar 2 is happy for her, and recalls badi Maa making her wear the necklace. She gets teary eyes. Reema looks at the necklace holding it happily. Simar 2 smiles with tears in her eyes. Reema asks Simar if she likes it, and tells that she had told that Aarav can’t agree for wrong alliance, and says atlast he has chosen me. Simar 2 asks if she is happy? Reema says very much and tells that she gets what she deserves. Gagan comes there and tells Reema that her sasural people asked him to take her pics. Reema asks him to take her random pics as she poses. He calls her poser bahu of Oswal family. Reema asks Simar 2 if she is feeling bad? Simar 2 says no, why? Reema says the right thing is happening. Simar smiles. Reema goes for the photo shoot.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap: Badi Maa, Aarav, Simar and others celebrate Ganapati puja. Voiceover tells that Aarav and Reema’s marriage rituals begins. She says both families unite for the Ganapati puja. Simar 2 falls and Aarav holds her. Reema sees them together and slaps Simar 2 hard on her face. Simar 2 is shocked.

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