Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with a disappointing declaration of Giriraj to Badima, saying that the Roy Chowdhury company is going to keep the name of their shop as a ” New Maa Durga Petha”. This name will not only confuse the customers but also snatch the market and the distribution network through their marketing project and huge money. Vivaan fears that this company will overpower the Oswal company.

Simar can’t believe their evil intention, they still believe in the unity of their joint family. She hopes that they will soon recover the fame of the Maa Durga Petha bhandar through immense and immediate hard work. To see her confidence in Simar, again Laboni gets irritated. Badima also supports the idea of Simar, who might do their best to stand up business and she believes in the blessing of maa Durga.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update
Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Aarav promises Badima that her business will not face any storm until they are united. Badima hugs Aarav. Badima reminds their power of their togetherness and joints all hands. Reema tells Vivaan about the inconsistency of happiness. Vivaan suggests she has faith in life. Reema expresses her fear regarding the upcoming unstable situation. Reema embraces Vivaan and wishes that all the bad days will disappear soon.

Aarav looks exhausted to recall the statement of the Roy Chowdhury brothers. Laboni massages the forehead of Aarav but he thinks of Simar. When he searches for her, Laboni disappears. After coming to Simar, she shows concern regarding the future of business unstability of their business, and how Badima founded this company with her great accomplishment.

Aarav understands the whole situation, they both look agitated. Aarav forbids her not to worry about the external trouble of the business. Aarav repents for his overreacting behavior, that’s why all these troubles are coming. He tries to find a solution. He steps forward to seek the apolization of the two brothers.

Aarav needs a compromise between the two companies. Though Simar supports his decision, but she denies letting him go in the midst of the night. Aarav emphasizes the tension of the house and goes out. Simar decides that she should also go with him and sits on the seat of the car. Meanwhile, Laboni also takes place in the back seat of the car. Recalling the dangerous behavior of Roy Chowdhury zamindar, she couldn’t let him go alone.

They reach the palace. Two brothers were drinking and gossiping together. Consulting about their next step, Dipankar tells that he is not used to getting refused, and that’s why he killed Laboni and his own brother. Aarav and Simar reach there and are welcomed in an evil way. Nilambar again gazes at Simar in the wrong way. Aarav and Simar are offered to have drinks but they are denied. They proposed the two brothers go somewhere else to discuss.

Aarav apologizes to them from his core from his heart and asks them to forgive themselves, also requests the naming of the company. The two brothers suddenly agree with Aarav’s proposal. Aarav thanks them and warmly wishes them. Aarav is just about to leave Roy Choudhary, but then Dipankar asks him to complete the deal before leaving and asks him for a small favor.

He asks Aarav to leave Simar to them for the rest of the night and they will return her home in the morning. Simar feels very uncomfortable in front of their greedy eyes and takes shelter behind Aarav. Aarav becomes very angry and outrageously starts beating Dipankar. But then suddenly Nilambar hits Aarav from behind with a glass bottle and he falls to the floor.

Blood starts flowing from Aarav’s head, meanwhile, Nilambar starts dragging Simar upstairs. Laboni looks very angry at Nilambar’s action. Simar starts crying and asks them to leave her. But the denies leaving her and starts insulting her badly. But then Aarav stands up and again starts fighting alone, against three men.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update

He badly hits both Dipankar and Nilambar and grabs them against the floor. But Simar stops him from being more outrageous and she takes him outside. Aarav gets very angry as Simar has sworn him from killing them. He feels very guilty as he has let Simar come to the Roy Choudhary.

Simar tries to cool him down and Aarav says sorry to Simar, for his mistake. They both leave in their car. At the end of the episode, Laboni comes to Roy Chaloudhary’s’s brothers, the light starts blinking with her entry, and two bother to fall on the floor and start throwing their hands and legs like an epilepsy patients.

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