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Sathya 10th July 2021 Written Update: Sasi and Kathir are teasing Prabhu

सत्या 13 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: प्रभु, सत्या की जाँच करने के लिए मनोचिकित्सक को लाता है
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Sathya 10th July 2021 Written Update: Sasi and Kathir are teasing Prabhu

Sathya Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Sathya 10th July 2021 Written Update….

The episode starts with Sasi and Kathir are teasing Prabhu while mentioning about his first night. Sathya comes there and stares Prabhu while rolling her eyes. She questions them Is they started their work? Sasi nods. She ignores them and says to Prabhu she is going out. Sasi tells her that she shouldn’t go out reasoning today is important day. Sathya says to him its Wednesday. Sasi feels shy to mention about first night to her. Prabhu whispers to her that today is her first night. Sathya says to then she knew it but she wanna do out. Prabhu demands her to say him where is she going? She informs to him that she wanna go to mechanic shed. Sasi complaints that she is over sincere in her work. Prabhu says to her that her brothers will take care of it.

Sathya informs to him that her brothers whom wishes to see her uniting with Prabhu soon. She used to share her all happiness with them. She wishes to inform this matter to them. Sasi questions Sathya how will she inform this to her brothers? Prabhu says the same. Sathya informs to them that she won’t explain it to them but will say outline of it. Prabhu deny it but she makes him look at her eyes and make him say yes. She runs from there he calls her. She comes back and kisses on his hand and runs from there. Prabhu lost in his romantic world Sasi blushes seeing it.

Sasi thinks that Sathya is a brave girl but Prabhu used to shy for everything. What will they do in first night day? He imagines Sathya wearing Dhothi and shirt and waiting for Prabhu. Prabhu comes wearing sarie and holding milk in glass. Sathya talks with him in romantic way he closes the door. He imagines like Prabhu getting blessing from Sathya meanwhile she teasing Prabhu for blushing. He imagines like Prabhu getting nervous sitting near Sathya and blushing looking at her. Sasi comes out of his dream and laughs thinking about the romantic dream of them. Prabhu notices him laughing alone. He glares him even Kathir questions him why is he laughing alone? Sasi informs to them that he was dreaming how will they celebrate their first night. Prabhu complaints that he is doing too much. He will celebrate it better then Selvi and Sasi first night.

Makan and Mandapoona are working in service center. They are discussing about Pangamandayan. Sathya comes there surprising them. She too enquires them about Panagamandayan. Makan questions her why did she bring sweet to them Is she so happy? Any good news? Sathya informs to them she is so happy today she has a good news to share with them. Makan asks her to say the reason. Sathya informs to him that Prabhu is the reason for her happiness. Makan asks her to explain it.

Sathya narrates the Anitha insulting news to them. She shares her happiness to them for Prabhu supporting her. Sathya talks happily with her father photo by saying Prabhu likes her a lot. Only her father supported her everywhere he never made her bend her head down. After he left her she felt lonely but Prabhu filled his place in her heart. She feels her father presence in him. Makan says to her that he doubt Prabhu. He provokes her against Prabhu.

Episode end.

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