Sathya 11th July Written Episode Update Sathya is happy because of Prabhu

Sathya 11th July Written Episode Update Sathya is happy because of Prabhu
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Sathya 11th July Written Episode Update Sathya is happy because of Prabhu

Sathya 11th July Written Episode Update Sathya is happy because of Prabhu

Sathya 11th July Written Episode Update Sathya is happy because of Prabhu

Sathya Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Sathya shares to her brothers that Prabhu filled her dad’s place in her life. She is so happy today because of Prabhu. Makan says to her he is also happy to see her in happiness but doesn’t compare her father with Prabhu’s reasoning he used to support Sathya in true love with her. But Prabhu what he has on her is not love but sympathy. He doesn’t like her bending her head down in front of all that’s why he showed sympathy for her and supported her. Sathya gets angry at them and says to them they only know to hurt her. She never expected this from him. Makan and Mandapoonai say that they are not lying but said the truth.

Sathya says to them it’s her mistake to come here to share her happiness with them. It’s her destiny it won’t allow her to enjoy happiness the whole day. She done a mistake by came here to share her happiness with them she shows her disappointment with them and leaves from there angrily. Makan and Mandaipoonai think what did they said wrong? Sasi and Kathir finish the decorations work. Selvi and Soumya Come there and admires the decorations. They question Sasi where is Sathya? Indhumathi asked them to do make-up for her.

No one answers them. Soumya asks Prabhu where is Sathya? Sasi informs her she went out to meet her brothers. Soumya questions Prabhu why did he send her out at this time? Indhumathi will scold them. Sasi notices Makan and Mandaipoonai near the door. Sasi informs Prabhu Sathya came. Makan questions them where is Sathya after checking the decorations? Sasi doubts why are they questioning this to them? Prabhu question them doesn’t Sathya go to meet them? Makan says to him she met them but a little argument with her so she left from there angrily that’s why they are here to apologize to her. She is not even attending the call. Everyone fears where did she go? Sasi says they recently only she went missing and found her in police station now she is again missing. Soumya asks Prabhu to call her.

Prabhu dials her but she is not attending the call. She attends the call for the second time. Prabhu questions her where is she? She informs him that she is standing near Jeeva park reasoning she is in her mood out. Prabhu says to her today is their first night. Sathya gets angry and says it’s not their last night so nothing to worry about. Prabhu tells her that they arranged many things for her he can’t able to answer Indhumathi also. He adds that her brothers are here to apologize to her. Sathya gets angry to hear their names and rushes from there to show hell to them for ruining her mood.

Prabhu informs all Sathya is coming. Prabhu says to them Sathya seems hell angry at them what did they done to her? Makan narrates everything to him. Prabhu says to them he won’t help them in this matter so don’t expect him. Sasi questions him why did he ruin her mood? Sathya reaches home angrily. Prabhu alerts Makan and Mandapoonai. They ask him to help them and hides behind the bed to escape from Sathya. Sathya comes there and shouts for her brothers to come out. Prabhu says to her ignore them they just made fun with her. Sathya questions him Is her life a joke to them? Sasi asks her to check the decorations and Prabhu is also ready for the first night. Sathya says to them she is not ready for it. She is hell angry at them. She is not furniture to not show her feelings out. She is not a TV channel to change her mood often.

Prabhu says to her today is the first night they have waited for this day for long. She pushes away the flowers and leaves from there. Her brother says to them it’s all because of them they will. Apologies to her and solve this issue. Prabhu stops them and goes near Sathya. He questions her Is she angry with her brothers or him? He complaints that she may be doubting his love for her? He has no power to show his heart out to prove she is in his heart. He says to her that he will prove his love for her today. He stands on the terrace and shouts loudly to get neighbors attention. Sathya asks Prabhu to get down but he is not listening to her. He says to them that he loves only Sathya.

Episode end.

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