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Sathya 25th May 2021 Written Update Saravana stops Sasi

सत्या 13 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: प्रभु, सत्या की जाँच करने के लिए मनोचिकित्सक को लाता है
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Sathya 25th May 2021 Written Update Saravana stops Sasi

Sathya The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Sasi notices Saravana is drinking with Veerasingham there. Sasi feels something wrong he wishes to leave soon after talk with uncle. Veerasingham asks Sasi to come near him. Sasi questions him why did he called him? Veerasingham asks him to sit beside him. Sasi asks him to say the matter first. Veerasingham complaints that he didn’t give treat to them for his marriage that’s why they are giving it to him. Veerasingham forcing Sasi to drink but he refuses to drink it.

Veerasingham complaints that he knew well that he can able to drink well. He used to worry that he was single but he is married now. Sasi informs to him that he stopped drinking after marriage. Sasi about to leave but Veerasingham stops him. Saravana complaints that Sasi don’t like fresh items he likes only used items. He like the things which Saravana used. Sasi glares him. Saravana drinks little and asks Sasi to drink the remaining. Doesn’t he like to drink like this? Sasi pushes it down in anger then about to leave from there.

Saravana stops Sasi and asks him to listen it before he leaving. Saravana says that Selvi is really a good girl. Sasi is perfect to Selvi. Not only Color but also his height too. Saravana asks Sasi to take care of Selvi reasoning her character is worst. She married to Sasi when she found Sasi is better then him. If she found anyone better then Sasi then she will go with that person. Sasi comes back there and throws drinks on Saravana face. Saravana gets angry he about to get up Sasi kicks him down. Sasi breaks the bottle and threaten Saravana. He says to him that Selvi is third person till yesterday but she is his wife now. He will kill him if he dare to badmouth on his wife. Veerasingham teases him that everyone are beating him. Saravana thinks that he won’t leave anyone.

Divya starts moving her hands and legs. She is shivering in medicine effect. Jenny comes to her room and notices Divya is moving her hands little. Jenny calls Vinod there. Jenny informs to Vinod that Divya is reacting may be she will get her conscious now. When Vinod checks Divya she is back to her state. Jenny tries to wake her up but Vinod asks her to leave it. Jenny questions Vinod that Sathya and Prabhu used to misunderstand each other before. If he send Divya into their life on that time then there is chances to separate them. Jenny adds that Sathya and Prabhu has good understanding now.

Divya wakes up from her comma. Vinod says to Jenny that she don’t know the value of first love. Prabhu will change after he see her there. More then that Divya has vengeance on Sathya more then them. Because Sathya is living Divya life now. Vinod gets shock to see Divya is awake. Vinod and Jenny tried to speak with her. She is staring them without knowing anything. Vinod thinks that she only woke up still her memories are not back. Vinod wishes to ruin Prabhu’s peace using Divya.

Episode end.

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