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Sathya 31st May 2021 Written Update Sathya advises Selvi

सत्या 13 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: प्रभु, सत्या की जाँच करने के लिए मनोचिकित्सक को लाता है
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Sathya 31st May 2021 Written Update Sathya advises Selvi

Sathya The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Sathya questions Selvi why did they acted a lot in front of her? Selvi narrates to Sathya what’s actually happened in their first night and Sasi asked her to pretended like their first night was over not to disappoint Sathya. Sathya glares her and complaints that Prabhu friend is also behaving like him. Sathya advises to Selvi waiting for their change won’t work out in this case. They took an foolish decision in it. Sasi behaved like a fool and Selvi too supported him in it. Sathya asks Selvi to stop being from him. She asks Selvi to finish their first night soon instead of taking such foolish decision.

Sathya asks Selvi to stop hurting Sasi. Selvi says to her that she said to Sasi that she will make him happy. Sathya asks her to get ready to start her new life. Selvi is getting ready in her room. Saravana enters into her room and stares her from top to bottom in bad way. He mentions her name in husky way to make her nervous. Selvi questions him why is he looking the door? Saravana stops her from going out. Saravana informs to her he is here to talk with her after that he will leave silently. Selvi questions him what’s there to talk with her? Saravana says many things.

Selvi asks him to leave or else she will shout. After that Saravana will loss his face in front of all. Saravana complaints he already loassed his face nothing is there to loss more. All peoples are badmouthing on him and looking down on his character. Selvi is getting ready to celebrate her first night with Sasi right? He questions her how many times she will enjoy the first night? Selvi glares him! Saravana informs to her that he recorded their first night in his mobile. He wishes to enjoy it alone but later changes his mind. He gonna lead this video in social media.

Currently Selvi slapping Saravana with slipper went viral. If he release this video then it will be on trending. Then Selvi can’t able to show her face out in shame. First her mom will hang to death after her Sasi finally Selvi. He says to her that he will give one option to her if she comes to his guest house then he won’t upload it or else he will definitely upload it.

Saravana alerts her if she dare to share this with Sathya then he will never hesitate to leak it on social media. He asks her to take her own time and leaves from there. Sasi reaches to home Sathya waiting for him. She beats on his head and questions him why did he acted in front of her? She demand him to act in his own don’t follow Prabhu in it.

Sathya asks him to take Selvi out and finish their first night. She already convinced Selvi even she is ready for it. Sasi nods. Selvi is thinning about Saravana words and crying badly. Sasi reaches to his room and kicks there. Selvi fears and open the room nervous. Sasi enquires to her what happened why did she opened the door lately? She lies to him that she was inside the bathroom. Sasi questions Selvi Is she cried? She is looking dull. Selvi informs to him she has head pain. Sasi asks her to visit doctor. She informs to him if she stays alone then she will be alright. Sasi nods and goes out. Sasi is crying outside and Selvi burst out in tears inside.

Episode end.

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