SBI CIF Number: How To Check Your SBI CIF Number, You Can Get Both Online and Offline

SBI CIF Number
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SBI CIF Number: How To Check Your SBI CIF Number, You Can Get Both Online and Offline: CIF is called Customer Information File Number. This is a unique number, which is given to every bank account holder. In this number, the complete information of the bank account holder is in digital format. By entering this number, complete details of the customer are available.

CIF number is an 11-digit number. This file contains complete data about the customer’s loan, account, KYC information, address, identity information, and photo ID proof. The CIF is written on the SBI passbook or on the first page of the check book which is issued to them at the time of account creation. So if you don’t have a CIF number then it is not difficult to get it. This work can be done both online and offline.

SBI CIF Number

SBI CIF Number

How to get an offline CIF number?

In offline methods, it can be taken from the passbook. CIF number is also written on your passbook. The CIF number is given on the account detail page itself.

Apart from this, the CIF number can be obtained by calling the bank branch or visiting the branch. You can call toll-free numbers (1800112211, 18004253800, or 080-26599990) at any time to know the CIF number. You will need to share your account details to verify your identity.


How to get a CIF number online?

You can also get it through net banking or YONO app. According to the information given by SBI, NetBanking users first log in to the official website. Then click on ‘Nominee and PAN details in the account summary. You will also see the CIF number in the Nominee and PAN details. After logging in to NetBanking, go to My Account & Profile and go to Select Your Segment, where you will see the CIF number.

You can also get a CIF number from YONO APP: After logging in to YONO App, go to Services. Then click on Online Nomination. In the new screen select Transaction Account in Account Type. Then you can see the CIF number by selecting your account number.

If you do not use NetBanking, then apply for an e-statement of your account through SMS. You will easily find your CIF number in the e-statement. SBI issues a separate CIF number for each account.

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