Scorpio to Sagittarius, Men of these zodiac signs make the most sexist jokes and jibes at their wives


Everyone loves to know that their partner has a great sense of humor. And while some may be able to get on board with slap-stick humor and sarcasm, it is widely believed that self-deprecating humor is the best kind. Nonetheless, a lot of us are subjected to messages and forwarded jokes that reek of chauvinism and are mostly aimed at unsuspecting women going about their day. So, from Scorpio to Sagittarius, take a look at the men of these zodiac signs who make the most sexist jokes and jibes at their wives.


Scorpio is never one to dole out well-intentioned advice or direct criticism. Sometimes they use their sarcastic comments to let their partner know what’s on their mind. And on other occasions, they make sexist jokes to mock their mate. Some might say that this is their love language, but sadly, it is a method of expressing affection that more often than not hurts their mate. This is especially true when Scorpio publicly mocks their spouse.

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Call them brash or call them rude, the men ruled by this Zodiac sign cannot hold back but tend to pass sexist jokes against their wives. While their intention is not to be mean to their partner, they like to have a laugh at their partner’s expense. Some Capricorn’s jokes tend to indicate that they believe women belong in the kitchen and would make light of their partner’s ability to cook and clean. They would probably be the culprits behind those chauvinist Whatsapp forwards and be chuckling away with a group of their male friends.

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Inelegant humor is often a Sagittarius’ undoing when they are in a spell of bad mood. They often make themselves feel better by bringing another person down. In most cases, this is their spouse, who is in their closest surroundings and hence subjected to their ill-intentioned humor. However, when their mood soars, so does their compassion and they steer clear of chauvinistic jibes aimed at their partner.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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