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Sembaruthi 24th May 2021 Written Update Parvathy faints

Sembaruthi 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: वनजा की योजना को पीछे छोड़ दिया गया
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Sembaruthi 24th May 2021 Written Update Parvathy faints

Sembaruthi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Akhila’s conscience questions Akhila Is she gonna perform Mahesh and Varsha engagement after this much happened? Doesn’t Parvathy win if this happens? If she give up her ego then she can unite Mahesh with his lover Bhavani. Akhila deny. Her conscience questions her why did she denying it? Akhila gives a reason that she promised on sword. It’s complaints that even Parvathy promised to Bhavani. Doesn’t she gave up her promise for Akhila? Then why don’t Akhila give up for Parvathy? Akhila questions her Is she equal with Parvathy? Her conscience says to her its the point here. This ego of her is the problem here.

Parvathy giving up many things for Akhila then why don’t she give up for Parvathy? Akhila complaints that its not about her but related to her family name. She will never allow anyone to ruin her family and ancestors name. Akhila leaves from there angrily leaving her conscience behind. Conscience tries to stop her and asks her to think once again. Akhila lashes out at it and complaints that she will never give up for anyone because she is Adhikadavoor Akhilandeswari. Her conscience thinks that she wants to bounce back like ball.

Servant shows room for Raaji and asks her to take rest. Akhila is staring everything from upstairs. Vanaja questions Akhila where were she went? She informs to her nowhere. Arun and Aishu stands beside her. Adhi and Singaram are searching for Bhavani another side. Bhavani is keep thinking about Parvathy words. Priest asks Parvathy to bring flowers there. Raaji asks Rathnam to close the door. He closes it and give the nuptial chain to Raaji. Paarvathy coming to that side. Raaji asks Rathnam to bring the garland to her. She hides the nuptial chain inside the garland. Adhi and Singaram are searching for Bhavani another side. Bhavani is keep thinking about Parvathy words. Raaji perfectly hides the nuptial chain inside the garland. She is staring the nuptial chain happily. She checks whether it’s showing out or not?

Rathnam says to Raaji that he is feeling guilty for hiding the truth from Akhila. They are gonna cheat her. Parvathy listens this and stops in her way. He adds that he can’t able to find the thing inside the garland. Rathnam says to her that because of them Akhila’s name will be ruined. Raaji says to him she doesn’t care about that all she only cares about her son marriage. First engagement got broken. It’s the second time she has no hope it will end smoothly. How much she wants to face till the marriage is over. She don’t wanna wait more that’s why she hidden nuptial chain inside the garland. Parvathy hears it all. Raaji says if Mahesh makes Varsha wears this garland then it means his marriage is over. What will Parvathy do in it? She cant able to do anything. Raaji asks Rathnam to give the garland to Mahesh. He assures with her.

Rathnam shocks to see Parvathy there. Parvathy glares them. Parvathy questions them how could they try to cheat Akhila after she promised to them on sword. Doesn’t she promised to Akhila that she will perform this engagement without any hindrance? Why don’t they care about Akhila’s reputation? Parvathy says to them that she won’t allow this to happen. Rathnam closes the door. Paarvathy asks her to open the door. Raaji asks Parvathy to forgot this incident. Parvathy complaints that she never give respect to her if she dares to ruin Akhila’s name. Raaji is holding her hand to stop her. Rathnam beats on Parvathy head. She faints down.

Episode end.

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