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Sembaruthi 27th May 2021 Written Update Parvathy reveals truth

Sembaruthi 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: वनजा की योजना को पीछे छोड़ दिया गया
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Sembaruthi 27th May 2021 Written Update Parvathy reveals truth

Sembaruthi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Adhi takes Guruji inside the car and drives from there. Mahesh is sitting on stage uncomfortable. Vanaja and Ganga reaches there disappointed. Akhila questions Arun where is Adhi and Parvathy? Arun informs to her that he saw Parvathy here few minutes before but he didn’t saw Adhi from morning itself. Raaji starts nervous there. Parvathy is in unconscious state. Water bottle starts leaking little. Raaji complaints to Akhila that Adhi and Parvathy promised to Bhavani that’s why they are not interested to participate in it. Akhila nods. Priest is chanting the mantras there. Mahesh sits there uncomfortable. Meanwhile water flows near Parvathy little. Groom and bride greets to everyone from stage. Aalavandan and his wife are admiring the couples.

Raaji is checking the time nervous..water reaches near Parvathy she gets her conscious little. Parvathy wakes up holding her head. She reminds what’s happened? She starts to shout loudly and tries to open the door. But no one hears her sound in function. Priest question then shall he start reading the invitation? Akhila gives permission to him. Priest starts reading the engagement invitation. Parvathy is asking for help. Adhi and Guruji coming to home in car. Parvathy takes the metals and try to break the lock. Priest finishes reading the invitation. Raaji feels happy to hear it. Priest asks Rathnam to give the garland. He gives the garland to them. Adhi returning to house. Parvathy trying to break the lock.

Rathnam forward the garland to Mahesh but he is sitting there like statue. Raaji alerts Mahesh so he collect it from him. Parvathy successfully open the door. Mahesh thinks how to stop the engagement. Priest asks the couple to exchange the garland. Mahesh hesitates and about to put it on Varsha neck. Parvathy reaches there and shouts to stop it. Everyone shocks to see it. Akhila doubts what’s going on? Vanaja also confused there. Raaji Starts to nervous. Akhila questions Parvathy what happened why did she asked to stop the engagement? Parvathy informs to her that someone trying to cheat her here. She stares her in confusion.

Rathnam and Raaji fears to get caught. Akhila questions her what’s going on? Raaji says that Parvathy trying to stop this engagement. Parvathy informs to her its not engagement but actually marriage. Everyone shocks to hear it. Vanaja thinks what’s she saying? Raaji questions Parvathy why is she creating this problem at last time? Raaji asks Mahesh to make Varsha wear the garland. Parvathy asks Mahesh to don’t do it reasoning Raaji hidden the nuptial chain inside the garland.

Everyone gets shock to hear it. Raaji asks Akhila to don’t believe this Parvathy she is trying to stop this engagement. She pretended to be arranging everything for engagement and stopping it. Akhila questions her Is she forget her promise? Parvathy informs to her that Raaji has no faith in her promise that’s why she planned this all. She wishes to perform this marriage without anyone knowledge.

Episode end.

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