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Sembaruthi 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update

Sembaruthi 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: वनजा की योजना को पीछे छोड़ दिया गया
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Sembaruthi 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update

Sembaruthi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Akhila says to Raaji that even her son don’t wanna face her then why is she standing here? Akhila repeats it to Raaji don’t come in front of her again! She asks Akhila to leave from there. Raaji’s relatives starts badmouthing Raaji there. Guruji informs to Akhila that Patvathy saved Akhila and her family name on correct time. Relatives starts praise Parvathy after that for saving Akhila’s reputation. They compliment her and adds that Parvathy is next Akhila of this house. Vanaja dislikes it all.

Akhila listens to all in silent. Aalavandan asks Varsha to throw down the garland and leave from here. He takes her from there while commenting everyone insulted him. Parvathy asks Bhavani to go back to her house. All relatives starts leaving from there. Akhila is standing there. Adhi and Parvathy is standing beside her. Guruji takes his leave after informing to Akhila. Akhila stares Parvathy and leaves from there disappointed. Parvathy notices Adhi leaves from there not even minding her.

Akhila reaches to her room and shouts in anger all are cheating her. All are betraying her. She reminds Guruji and relatives words. She gets irritates to remind those words. Akhila’s conscience comes there and smiles at her. She teases Akhila that she is very hot. She questions Akhila what happened? Is she tensed after hearing everyone compared Parvathy with Akhila including Guruji.

Conscience says it’s the truth. She asks Akhila to give up her ego Akhila asks her to stop mentioning her ego she has no ego at all. She can’t able to compare parrot with eagle. Akhila complaints that she burned in well reputed family she has money and good name too what did that Parvathy has? Her conscience complaints that she is repeating the dialogue. She complaints if someone find the pearls from slum means also it’s value didn’t less. Akhila has good name because of her family. Today she has this name because of Parvathy loyalty. Only she refuses to accept the truth rest all are agreeing Parvathy is the next Akhila. Akhila shouts on her its fade out.

Parvathy is remind Bhavani words and thinking about the incident. Adhi comes there and notices Parvathy. He waves in front of her and questions her where were she lost? Parvathy informs to him that she was thinking about the engagement. Adhi says to her everything is over what’s there to think about it? Parvathy says to Adhi that still the promise is fresh she gave to Bhavani. Adhi says that mom backed off from her promise so she don’t need to think about it all. Parvathy questions him will Bhavani and Mahesh unite? Adhi informs to her everything happening favour to them. If their love is true then they will unite soon. Adhi asks to Parvathy why did she only shared the nuptial chain matter to Akhila and hide the Ganga matter to her. Parvathy says that she hide it for their family. Adhi says that if their plan worked out then she would have kicked Parvathy out of this family.

Parvathy nods to him and adds shr knew well that Akhila will never hesitate to punish all whoever done mistake. She didn’t even spare her friend too. If she reveals Ganga truth to her then Akhila will throw Ganga out. It will affect Aishwarya and Arun too. Then this family will loss the happiness that’s why she hide it from her. Adhi says to her that Parvathy is thinking for everyone happiness so she is the perfect daughter in law of this house. Adhi hugs Parvathy

Episode end.

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