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Sembaruthi 8th June 2021 Written Update Ramu finds the clue

Sembaruthi 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: वनजा की योजना को पीछे छोड़ दिया गया
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Sembaruthi 8th June 2021 Written Update Ramu finds the clue

Sembaruthi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Income tax officer informs to Adhi that 10 core fraud case filed against Akhilandeswari foundation. They wanna show the proof of pay the amount or else they can able to move this file and give complaint a case on Akhila. Parvathy tells him he shouldn’t do it reasoning Akhila has good name in this society this case will ruin her prestige. Officer tells to Parvathy that he can able to understand her but he can’t able to do anything against law. He asks them to proceed the evidence soon till then they are freezing Akhila’s account and properties.

Adhi and Parvathy leave from there disappointed. They reach to the hotel. Room service gives key to them and leaves from there. Ramu asks Parvathy and Adhi to fresh up and waits outside. They enter inside the room and sits there disappointed. Parvathy questions Adhi what will he do in it? Neither they can’t inform this Akhila nor have an idea to solve this case. Parvathy asks to him Is Akhila has an enemy in Bangalore? Adhi tells her that Akhila has many business rivals but they won’t go this much cheaper to ruin Akhila’s name.

Parvathy says to Adhi someone intentionally do it to ruin Akhila’s name. She says to him that case is about Akhila cheated poor orphanage kids donation amount. This news will really damage Akhila’s name and reputation also. How will she face this news she can’t able to bear this name at all. Adhi tells her he will definitely find that person and teach a lesson to them. Ramu is busy in checking the agreement and reading it carefully. Parvathy asks Adhi to do something and find that person soon then only they can able to take any further step in it. Ramu finds something strange and enters into Adhi’s room. He asks Adhi to read the agreement.

He reads it and finds out another one partner in this case. Adhi thinks he done this fraud and put blames on Akhila. Parvathy questions him who is it? Adhi mentions his name as ” Raghunath Metha”. Ramu comments his name looks like he is a north Indian. Adhi says whoever he is he will teach a lesson to him if he tries to ruin his mom name. Metha is shown going to a meeting with his body guards.

Raghunath Metha reaches to the Diamond auction place. People’s are bidding to get the diamond. Metha bidding 75 lakhs for that diamond in that auction. He glares everyone and makes everyone stay silent there. He asks his guards to pay and takes the diamond with him. He reaches to his cabin. He asks his guards to bring the diamond. He kisses it and thinks he wanna fill his house with Diamond. Ramu tells to Adhi how will he find him with his name. Adhi starts search him in google and gets his details from him. Parvathy notices him he don’t look like cheat others.

Ramu says they can find the pick pocket person soon but its hard to find out the person whom cheating with crores. Adhi informs her Metha is the top 10 industrialist in Bangalore. Ramu says to him let’s meet him and enquires about it. Adhi and Parvathy leaves to meet him. Metha is admiring the diamond. Adhi and Parvathy reaches there and informs to Receptionist they are coming from Chennai to meet Metha. She informs this to Metha. He notices them through CCTV footage and doubts why is Adhi here? He asks the receptionist to make them wait. Metha are watching them through the CCTV footage. Adhi and Patvathy waits for him.

Episode end.

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