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Sembaruthi 9th June 2021 Written Update Parvathy warns Raghunath

Sembaruthi 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अद्यतन: वनजा की योजना को पीछे छोड़ दिया गया
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Sembaruthi 9th June 2021 Written Update Parvathy warns Raghunath

Sembaruthi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Adhi asks the Receptionist to allow him to meet Raghunath. She questions him Is he has appointment? He nods negatively and tells her to informs him he is from Chennai. Receptionist informs it to Raghunathu he noticed them through CCTV footage and asks her to make them wait. She shares it to Adhi. Adhi and Parvathy waits inside the waiting cabin. Raghunathu kisses the diamond and watches them through CCTV footage and signals something to his guards. Adhi questions Parvathy what happened? She informs to him that everyone used to wait to meet him once but here he is waiting for others here. Adhi tells her its tough to meet anyone without appointment. They are waiting to meet Raghunath there but he is watching them through CCTV footage and smiles. Adhi I’d often checking the time and sigh.

Parvathy tells Adhi to ask what’s wrong here? Adhi asks her to wait patiently. Raghunath leaves from there and come back to check them after a break. Adhi and Parvathy are waiting there. Parvathy lost her patience and argues with the receptionist. She says that Adhi is a number one business man in Tamil Nadu. Receptionist says that her boss is number one in Bangalore more than Adhi is here to meet her boss. Parvathy asks her to call him or else she will sneak inside his room. Receptionist asks them to wait patiently. Parvathy says that she will shout loudly and bring him here. Receptionist calls to Raghunath and informs about them. Raghunath allows them to come inside. Adhi introduces them to him.

Raghunath asks Adhi to explain him why is he here to meet him? He has no time to listen them. Adhi says to him that income tax notice came on his mom name. Adhi complaints that he created a fake orphanage and cheated all. Raghunath complaints that he is taking nonsense. Adhi shows the proof to him. Raghunath says that he only asked them to mention Akhila name only but they added his name too. Is they think he will deny it all? He don’t know to lie? Raghunath tells to him that he intentionally created this fake one to ruin Akhila’s name because he don’t like her at all.

Parvathy questions him why is he doing like this? He answers him he wanna ruin his family name. Adhi tries to attack him but his guard caught him. Raghunath teases him that he can’t able to do anything to him because its his place. Parvathy warns him that his bad time already started. Those who tried to damage the name everyone failed miserably. Guards throws them out. Raghunath calls Nandini and informs to her what happened there? Nandini questions him how come they reached there? He narrates all to her. Nandini gets happy to hear it.

Episode end.

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