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Shakti 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

शक्ति 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित एपिसोड अपडेट - टेलली शो अपडेट
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Shakti 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Shakti The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Shakti 15th June 2021  Episode starts with Preeto getting angry and slapping Mahi hard. Mahi looks at her upset. Preeto says if you try to enter my house, then I will pour kerosene oil on you and will burn you alive. She asks her to move aback. Mahi laughs and says same thing is happening as I thought, she says my inlaws are not giving my rights to me. She removes the bandage from her hand and shows her injured hand, asking Preeto to see. She hits her injured hand on the tree. Harak Singh asks what are you doing? Soumya runs to stop her. Mahi hits her head on the tree.

Harman and Soumya try to stop her. Mahi says she got the proofs and says if they don’t let them come inside, then she will file harassment case against them and get everyone jailed. Preeto asks are you threatening us. Mahi says she has to call the police. Harman and Harak Singh ask her to call Police. Soumya tries to stop Harman and Harak Singh and tell them that they don’t know what Mahi is going to do. Harman asks her not to interfere. Virat asks them to listen to Soumya once. Harman says she has crossed all limits, first acted to burn herself, then hurt her hand and then this. Mahi asks do you think that I am acting and tells that they will be jailed with just her one call. Harman asks her to call police. Mahi calls Police and tells that Harak Singh’s family is beating her and tells that her husband Harman singh is having an affair with a kinnar. She shouts as if she is beaten up and ends the call. She smirks evilly. Police comes there.

Mahi shows the injury to Police officer and tells that her husband is having extra marital affair with kinnar Soumya. She says when she objected to it, then they have beaten her. She says she is an orphan and don’t have any home, they want to kick her out from here. Angel tells that she is saying right and tells that when her daughter was born, I came to bless her, but it because curse. She says when husband is such then what she can do. She asks Inspector to see how they have beaten her. Daljeet asks Inspector to help her, as her life is in danger. Mahi acts to cry.

Harak Singh tells Inspector that she is blaming them falsely. He is about to call senior police officer, but Inspector says nobody will help them in this case. Harman apologizes to Soumya for not hearing her. Mahi tells that he is taking Soumya’s side infront of everyone. Inspector says you all have to come with me to the PS. Virat says my father is DSP and I will call him. Soumya stops him and asks Mahi what does she wants? Mahi asks if she doesn’t know and tells that she wants her inlaws to regard her as their bahu and wants her husband to regard her as his wife and wants Soumya to go away from her husband’s life and home. She says if they agree then she will not file any case against them. She says they are my family and I have spent 20 years with them. Harman says we don’t agree to her condition.

Soumya says we agree to her condition. She says this house and Harman ji is yours. She tells Inspector that she will go from here now itself. Mahi thinks how she can agree so easily. Harman asks what are you saying? Soumya says we have no other way out, I don’t want you or this family to go to jail due to our relation. She signs Harman and Virat. Virat thinks Soumya ji has some good idea in her mind. He says Harman Singh, Soumya ji is right. Harman says ok, I don’t want this family to go to PS, we shall agree to Mahi’s sayings. Harak Singh says if you agree then we don’t have any problem.

Preeto says ok, we will agree. Soumya tells Inspector that they don’t want to drag the case, I will leave from here and asks him to leave. Mahi is shocked. Daljeet and Angel smiles. Soumya is leaving. Angel tells Soumya that the family will not miss her, as when one is leaving, one is coming back. Inspector tells Mahi that they will leave now, everything is happening as she wanted. He leaves. Preeto gets angry and goes inside the house. Mahi asks Angel to come with her. Preeto asks Mahi to come inside, and says not sasural, but hell is waiting for you. She says you wanted to come inside, I will show you what is called as hell. Daljeet signs Angel. Angel asks Mahi to come inside.

Harman comes infront of Mahi and says Soumya went due to the Police officer, but I am still here and promises you three, that it will prove costly for you to enter this door step. He says you wanted rights, asks Mahi to try to get forced rights, and I will show you what I can do. Shakti song plays…..Harman goes out of house. Mahi gets tensed. Angel asks Mahi not to take tension and says Soumya kinnar went, Heer kinnar is missing, but Angel kinnar came to keep up their customs to keep kinnars at home. She asks her to come.

Virat stops Angel and Mahi and tells after whatever happens with you in this house, you will not be left to file any case. He says they will take revenge for torturing Heer and will decide their condition. He also goes out. Angel says kinnars’ work is to give blessings or curse, this is not your work. She asks Mahi to come inside. Angel asks if you are thinking, someone will do your aarti, no, come inside. Preeto stops Mahi.

Telecast Date:15th June 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot

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