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Shakti 22nd September 2021 Written Update

Shakti 22nd September 2021 Written Update
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Shakti 22nd September 2021 Written Update: Shakti The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Preeto telling everyone that she wants to say what is going on in her heart. She says all the family members are together under the same roof after a long time. She takes everyone’s name and then Heer’s name. She says yesterday night, I spend with this girl and I remembered Heer seeing her as if she took rebirth and returned to me.

She asks Soumya if she can stay with us, and don’t go away from our house. She says if we shall adopt her? Harman nods his head. Soumya says anything for this girl, we will get the papers ready, I don’t think there will be any problem. Preeto says I will give her all the rights which all the family members have, will give her good life so that nobody’s sight changes for her. Harman says what are you saying, this is a girl. Preeto says people’s perception can change, as this girl is not a girl, but a kinnar.

Shakti 22nd September 2021 Written Update

Shakti 22nd September 2021 Written Update

Harman asks if she is a kinnar? Soumya says yes, Harman ji. She is a kinnar. She says so much was going on in the house that they didn’t get the time to tell. Harman comes near the girl and says we will give her the right so that she can fight with them, else the people will not let her live. Chintu claps and says wah, what a thought? He says you have snatched right from me and giving this to this kinnar. He says just got rid of one kinnar and the other came as the burden. Virat hits Chintu and asks him not to say anything against his Heer, else he will tear him from the middle. Chintu asks what do you think of yourself? They fight.

Soumya and Harman ask them to stop fighting. Veeran scolds Chintu. Chintu asks why they have brought this kinnar and want to become part of the house. Preeto says this is my house and I will make her stay as a daughter, and whoever has the problem can leave. Chintu tells Raavi that this is their true face, they want a chance to kick us out, and this outside kinnar will be part of the house and will make her sit on their heads. Harman gets angry. Soumya stops him. Just then someone throws a stone on the window with paper folded onto it. Soumya takes the letter and reads.

Harman reads, handover this girl to us, else your whole family will repent. Harman says who can do this? Soumya says Angel has done this. She says Angel got the bail and is out of Police’s arrest. She says she had come to the hospital and tried to get the baby. Veeran tells Preeto that they have fought this war before and took bullets too on them. He says nobody shall be harmed due to this girl and says even this is my family and house. He says if there is any danger to us then she shall not stay here. Simran says even I agree with Chote Nanu.

Raavi says Maa, you know that I was not greedy for money, and says your decision might be right. She says Heer was the daughter of the house and that’s why we suffered for her and spent our lives, and we have no complains or regrets about that, but we can’t bear it again. She says you can give money to this girl, but don’t keep her at home. Chintu thinks they are against them and can come to my team. Soumya says I can understand your worry and fear, but we can’t give this girl in Angel’s hands, she will ruin her life. She says we have seen Angel ruining many lives and we can’t leave her in her hands knowing everything. She says Mummyji and I have thought not to let this girl go.

Later in the night, Some masked men come to Harak Singh’s house and knock on the door. Everyone is fast asleep. They knock on the door again. Chintu opens the door. One of the masked men signs Chintu. Chintu nods his head and goes. The goons enter Preeto’s room and take the girl, but Preeto wakes up as the girl’s clothes are tied to Preeto’s dupatta. Preeto wakes up and shouts waking Harak Singh. The goon opens the knot and runs with the baby.

Shakti 22nd September 2021 Written Update

Preeto calls Harman, Soumya, and others. Raavi comes there. The goon pushes her. Chintu comes to Raavi shouting Maa. The goons aim knives at them. Soumya asks who are they and where are they taking the girl? She sees the goon taking the baby outside, and throws a vase at him. The goon loses balance and falls while the baby gets thrown in the air. Preeto and Soumya run to catch the baby and finally catch her in their arms. The goons run out. Harak Singh asks Harman not to leave them.

Preeto says why is she crying so much? Soumya says she is scared and that’s why crying. Chintu thinks Soumya has failed my plan, but this will not happen next time. Harman, Harak Singh, and Virat return home. Harman says they escaped. Soumya says this must be Angel’s work and she will try to snatch this baby from us. Shakti 22nd September 2021 Written Update.

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