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Shakti 24th September 2021 Written Update: Preeto adopt the baby

Shakti 24th September 2021 Written Update
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Shakti 24th September 2021 Written Update: Shakti The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Preeto asking the baby, why she didn’t tell her if she was hungry. She feeds her milk and tells Soumya that she didn’t tell us when she was hungry. Harak Singh says she came to my lap without crying. Soumya says we have come to talk to you about something important. Preeto says she is drinking milk first, then massage, and will sleep.

She says she didn’t want to hear now. Soumya says listen to us first. Preeto says surely you will be telling some bad thing and says we have decided and this baby will stay here. Veeran asks her to respect their wishes and says we don’t want this baby to stay here. He asks her to listen to Soumya. Preeto says why everyone’s mind is filled with dried grass. Chintu says you people don’t care about each other, and care for this girl. Chintu says my mother was hurt yesterday, but nobody bothered. Preeto says she didn’t die, she is fine and eating here. She says you have come here to poison us.

Shakti 24th September 2021 Written Update

Shakti 24th September 2021 Written Update

Raavi says Chintu is not wrong this time and asks why she wants to risk their life for this girl. Harak Singh says we all can handle the baby, what is the problem. Harman says listen to Soumya once, she came with the solution. Soumya says Harman Ji and I have decided to go away from here, for few days and will come to meet everyone on Sundays. She says this will be good for the family and this baby. She says if Papaji and you want then come with us, but she is not safe here in this situation. Preeto says I was sure that she came to say something bad/inauspicious.

She says what shall we tell this baby that the family broke when she had come here. She says everyone will stay under the same roof with this baby, says Harak Ji and I have decided to adopt the girl and she will stay here as the daughter of the house. Virat agrees with Preeto and tells Harman. He says I understand the pain of not having a family, we will face the problems together. Preeto says I don’t care if others don’t accept her, Harak ji and I have decided to adopt her and make her an equal partner in the wealth too.

Chintu thinks he has to compete with a kinnar. Preeto says if anyone has objection then shall tell me, I will make arrangements for their stay somewhere else, but I won’t let this family break. She tells Soumya that she has given enough sacrifices and says we will bring her up like we brought up Heer. Soumya recalls asking Preeto to give her the right to do Heer’s massage. Naseeba song plays…..Preeto says we will give her the way which you and Heer never got. Soumya recalls her sufferings due to her kinnar identity.

Shakti song plays…..Veeran tells Raavi that doesn’t know what happened to Preeto and Harak Singh, they are stubborn to keep her at home. He says we have faced a lot of trouble due to Soumya and Heer’s identity of kinnars, but what is the need to keep this girl here. Raavi says you said right, we have lost Heer and was overcoming her loss when this girl came. She says Maa has decided not to let this girl go, says she doesn’t know what to do. Chintu comes there and brings coffee for them. He says I made coffee for us, Veeran Nanu. Veeran asks if he is fine or acting something.

He says there are many siyappas in the house, stop your drama. Chintu says I misbehave, but I am straightforward and genuine. He says I am not doing drama, but they are those who are staying in the house and showing rights. He says Preeto Nani has brought the kinnar and thinking to give her a share in the property. He asks veeran if he has no status in the house. Raavi says the thing is not about money/property, it is about the baby who came as trouble. Chintu says if you want then that baby can go away from here. Raavi says we want to send her from here safely and don’t want to harm her, we are not murderers.

Chintu says I am not a murderer, Soumya is the murderer and is staying in the house even after committing murder. He says I will kick that girl out, I will send that girl to the place, where she shall be there. He says I need your help. Raavi asks what help? Chintu says when that girl goes from this house, you both shall ask Harak Singh and Preeto about your share in the property. Veeran asks what are you saying? Chintu says this family is broken and Soumya and Harman are responsible for this.

Shakti 24th September 2021 Written Update

He asks them to take their share and make their own homes, where they can stay as Raja and Rani. He says instead of working her as Servants, we shall be king of our home. Veeran says Chintu is right and asks Raavi if her words are acceptable or mine. He says we are Servants, we shall take our share and go somewhere and stay with respect. He asks Chintu to promise that nothing shall happen to that girl and he will send her safely. Chintu assures him. He asks Raavi if she is still thinking. Raavi asks him to do the work first and says she will see the other things later.

Preeto massages the baby and tells him that she will wear new clothes. She says Lawyer is coming with the papers, then you will become my daughter and nobody can keep me away from you. She turns to get clothes from the cupboard when someone comes and takes the baby from there. Preeto gets worried. Shakti 24th September 2021 Written Update.

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