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Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th July 2021 Written Update Gurwindar requests Heer

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th July 2021 Written Update Gurwindar requests Heer

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8th July 2021 Written Update…..

Episode starts with Gurwindar pleading before Sant and tells him to release Daljeet. She says she can’t see him in jail, her family is also worried for him. Sant gets angry and says Daljeet tried to kill Virat and after all the crimes he did, he won’t get bail. Sant says this case has transferred to the court.

Daljeet’s act is unforgivable and he can’t do anything. Gurwindar requests Virat to withdraw the complaint so that Daljeet gets less punishment. Virat says he can’t forgive Daljeet also Heer filed the complaint not him. Gurwindar recalls her moments with Heer and says Virat can’t even talk to his wife for his brother. She considers Virat like her brother and can’t he do a small favor.

Later Gurwindar requests Heer to withdraw the complaint but Heer says Daljeet not just harmed her but he harmed his own sister Simran and his brother Virat. She can’t forget his crimes. Parmeet thinks Heer can withdraw the complaint but her denial shocks Parmeet. Heer apologises to Gurwindar and leaves. Latter tells Virat to convince Heer. But Virat says he will support Heer in this matter. Heer says Parmeet is already sick, they should not give her more stress by talking about Daljeet.

Mahi talks to her partner regarding proving her lies as the truth in court. She says she is trying her best to take her revenge from Harman’s family. Noone can save them from her. Preeto notices her and tells her that Saumya is smarter than Mahi so she took precautions beforehand. Mahi says she will sue them in court. Preeto says Saumya and Harman already left the house for seven days.

Now Mahi will do drama alone in the court with her lawyer. FB is shown where Saumya and Harman telling Preeto and Harak that Mahi has become more dangerous than before. She will avenge Harman and can hurt his family so they will leave the place until court hearing comes. Preeto allows them. FB ends. Mahi gets shocked to hear that.

Gurwindar meets Parmeet and says she saw the latter was hearing their conversation. Gurwindar says she knows Parmeet is acting to fall sick. Why is she doing it. Parmeet says her two sons ruined their lives because of kinnars. She is really pissed. Gurwindar says she has no existence without her husband. She wants him to stay with his family happily. She seeks help from Parmeet to get Daljeet out of jail and in return she promises Parmeet to help in separating Heer and Virat. Gurwindar says she didn’t expect Virat will refuse to help her. Parmeet thinks of taking advantage of Gurwindar’s situation. She says she can use Gurwindar to get her job done. Parmeet assures her that she will do something.

Heer and Virat meet in college library. They look at each other romantically and take books. Virat says Parmeet’s tests are done, everything is normal. Heer tells him not to worry. Later he tells her to attend class. Heer replies when he will come. He replies as he is stranger for her, he will join after some time. Heer says she doesn’t care what people will think. They should not hide about their relationship. Virat says they can live their moments again. They can relish their past memories and can meet each other like strangers and will flirt with each other as well.

Heer teases him saying his wish won’t get fulfilled. Virat challenges her. They keep teasing each other and make noises. Librarian tells them to keep silence. Heer and Virat’s hands get touched. They stare at each other. Virat says he will make her friend again. Heer says she won’t become his friend. He holds her hand and Heer leaves for class.

Heer sees Guru is talking to his friends. She recalls Virat’s warning and avoids him but Guru comes to her and asks why she left yesterday suddenly. Heer says she had some emergency so she went home. Guru further asks about her whereabouts. Where she is from and is she new in the town? Heer says why he has to know everything about her. This is not needed.

Guru adds this is basic informations. If they are friends they should know about each other. Virat comes in the meantime in full swag and girls around him get mesmerized seeing his style. Guru gets irked seeing Virat coming towards them. Heer thinks Virat again started his drama, she is also no less.

Episode ends

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