SHOCKING! Pakistani passenger creates ruckus inside flight, tries to break plane’s window: WATCH Video

SHOCKING! Pakistani passenger creates ruckus inside flight, tries to break plane's window: WATCH Video
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In a shocking video, a passenger onboard a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Peshawar-Dubai PK-283 flight created ruckus mid-air as he suddenly started punching seats, kicking the aircraft’s window. The incident started out of nowhere when the passenger started indulging himself in a brawl with the cabin crew. He further did weird activities on flight including damaging the aircraft’s window by kicking it with force as if trying to break it. The passenger also puched and kicked the seats and then laid down on the floor with his face down. He was frequently violent on the flight and later when in a bid to contain the situation the flight attendants intervened he attacked them as well.

As heard in the video, passengers are saying he was fine when he boarded the flight and suddenly started to act this way. Few reports indicats that the passenger created the scene after he was stopped from offering Namaz on the flight. 

For avoiding any escalation in the situation, the passenger was tied to his seat in accordance with aviation law, media outlet reported citing sources. As per the protocols, the captain of the flight contacted the air traffic controller of Dubai and sought security. Upon landing at Dubai airport, the passenger was taken into custody by security officials. The incident took place on September 14 and according to the PIA officials, the traveller was blacklisted by the airline. 

(With inputs from ANI)

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