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Sirf Tum 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update

Sirf Tum 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update
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Sirf Tum 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update: The Episode starts with Aditya looking at Suhani as she is studying with him. She asks what happened. He asks her to write. She writes, while he continues to stare at her, and recalls their moments. Suhani calls him. He says sorry. She says she is a champion in making notes. He says he wants to say something. She says you want to say that I am good etc.

He says he wants to say sorry to her. She says she has forgiven him and asks what is her girlfriend’s name. He says. Dr. Suhani, I am not that lucky. She says we will search girlfriend for you. She asks do you drink? He says no, never, it is bad for health. Suhani reminisces Ranveer and says I was thinking such guys exist even now. He says yes.

Sirf Tum 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update

Dadi comes to the kitchen and finds wine there. Sudha tells Rakesh that Aditya is a nice guy and don’t have any bad habits, neither he drinks wine nor cigarette. Dadi comes there. Rakesh asks her to come inside. Dadi asks why did he start drinking, Doctor asked him not to drink. Rakesh asks what are you saying? I left drinking long back when I learned about liver problems. He says he didn’t touch it. Dadi shows the bottle and asks from where it came. She says you have started walking on the same path again, didn’t you remember how we have suffered? Rakesh swears on Dadi. Suhani comes there.

Dadi asks him not to take the fake swear. Rakesh says when I didn’t drink during the bad times, then why will I drink now? Suhani says Papa didn’t drink it for many years. Sudha asks from where it came. Rakesh says may be Aditya. Suhani recalls Aditya telling him that he doesn’t drink wine. She says Aditya told her that he didn’t smoke or drink wine. She says if you think then I will ask him. Rakesh says don’t ask, he might feel bad. He says sometimes it happens, some people drink it secretly. Sudha says even your Papa used to hide from me, once he got caught and then told.

Rakesh asks Sudha, I had accepted my mistake, as I was young. Dadi says Aditya is young and might drink. Suhani takes her outside. Dadi keeps the bottle back in the kitchen. Suhani says if Aditya drinks then he will come to take it. They go out and wait for him to come. She thinks nobody came to take it and doubts that if Papa drinks. She hears someone coming and hides. She sees Ishaan going to the kitchen. She thinks he might be going to take water and goes behind him. Ishaan goes inside the kitchen and takes the water bottle from the fridge. He drinks it and goes taking the bottle.

She thinks I am sorry Ishaan, I doubted you unnecessarily. Just then the wine bottle breaks and falls down from Ishaan’s pocket. Suhani comes there. Ishaan tries to hide the bottle. He asks why didn’t sleep till now. Suhani raises her hand to slap him but stops. She says you know well that Papa’s condition deteriorated when he was drinking. He says I am a doctor and love you a lot, you are my brother. She says I never thought in my dreams that you will start drinking. He says you used to love Ranveer jiju and says you could never stop him and never snatched the bottle from his hand, but I am younger in the house and anyone can scold me.

Sirf Tum 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update

Suhani asks when did you start? Ishaan says I started drinking seeing Ranveer jiju, had stolen it, drank a bit. He says when you had not told him anything then why are you telling me. He brings a black cover and keeps the glass pieces in it. Suhani asks him to give it to her. Ishaan asks if you will tell everyone now and get me scolded, this is what you wanted. Suhani says I was asking you so that I can throw it now itself. She says I will not tell anyone and asks him to promise that he will not drink again. Ishaan promises her and says don’t tell Papa. Suhani promises him and says I will help you to get rid of this addiction. She says we will make a new start in the morning. Dadi hears them shockingly.

The next morning, Suhani prays to Mata Rani and asks how to help Ishaan get rid of his addiction, says Papa will get angry and Maa’s trust will be broken. Aditya comes there and says all your wishes shall be fulfilled. He says he is feeling better now and asks her to tell him whatever he asks. Suhani asks him to give notes. He says ok and asks did you pray to Mata Rani about me? He says it’s okay, I can completely understand, and asks what is bothering her. He says we are best friends and I can show you the way out. Suhani says there is nothing. Sudha calls her. Suhani goes.

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