Small Business Idea: Do this side business along with your job, and you will earn 10 times

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Small Business Idea: Do this side business along with your job, and you will earn 10 times: In today’s post, we will tell you about a business where you can easily get a job. You can start this business from a small place. The special thing about this business is that in this business you will get 10 times the profit of your investment.

Small Business Idea Frozen Pea Business

Friends winter is coming soon. I am telling you a very good business for winter, by doing this business you can increase your earnings manifold. Friends, today’s business idea is the frozen peas business. There is a lot of money in the frozen peas business. If you are ready for this business now, then you can earn a lot of money in it. You can start your business by buying peas from a farmer growing peas in your area. Peas are used in various vegetables. Apart from these, there must be matar paneer or vegetables associated with peas in weddings and small events.

Small Business Idea from which it is in demand for twelve months. However, although the beans are grown only in winter, they remain in demand for twelve months. So you can start a frozen pea business by buying peas from farmers in winter. To start this business, you must first survey the market and estimate how many frozen peas you can sell in a year. Accordingly, you can get a good income by starting a business.

Small Business Idea Start a frozen peas business like this

You can start a frozen peas business from your home. Where you can run a business with the help of family members. However, if you want to start it on a large scale, you will need 5000 to 6000 square feet of space. To start big, you need to buy more peas. To start the frozen peas business on a large scale, you may need labor as well as a machine. Today machines are also used to make pea balls. In addition to the large space and high investment, a license such as FASSI may be required.

Small Business Idea How to make frozen peas?

First, peel the raw peas. The peas are then boiled at a temperature of 90 degrees. Peas are kept in water for only 2 minutes. After that keep the peas in cold water at 3 to 5 degrees. This method kills the bacteria present in the beans. In the next process, the peas are kept at a temperature of 0 degrees. Due to this ice freezes in the beans. The peas are then packed in packets. It is then prepared for sale in the market.

Small Business Idea This is how you earn from the frozen peas business

The business of frozen peas gives 60 to 70 percent profit. We can infer this. Two kilograms of raw peas yield one kilogram of peas. If you buy green peas in bulk from the farmer, then it is getting at the rate of Rs 20 per kg.

Small Business Idea 10 Best Business for Monsoon Season

Raw peas are getting 20 to 25 rupees per kg when bought from the vegetable markets or market. Raw peas can be processed and sold in bulk in the market at Rs 130 per kg. If you sell a packet of frozen peas in the same retailer, you will make a profit of up to Rs 220 per kg.

Q.1)Small Business Idea How are the peas frozen?

Peel the raw peas and soak them in 90-degree water for two minutes. After that, the peas are put in water at 3 degrees. After that, the peas are kept at zero degrees due to which snow freezes on the peas.

Small Business Idea Small Business IdeaWhat are frozen peas?

Green beans are available only in winter. Raw peas are processed hot and cold to turn them into frozen peas. So that it can be used for twelve months.

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