Small Business Ideas- Start a consultancy firm that has more money than real estate

Small Business Ideas
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Small Business Ideas- Start a consultancy firm that has more money than real estate: This is a business idea that starts with zero investment but has high potential. If we talk about the consultancy firm, then the people in the real estate sector earn the most money but there is another scope where you will get more money than real estate.

Suppose the cost of the property is high and even if the consultant gets only 1% of the consultancy fee, it becomes enough but there is one more thing. A common man buys property only once in his life. That is, the chances of his coming back are very less, and then not everyone is able to buy the property. The number of people who buy and I also take consultancy service is very less.

LOAN is such a subject that comes into the life of almost every human being. People need loans many times in their life. Sometimes home loans to build a house, sometimes medical loans for treatment, sometimes education loans for studies, and sometimes business loans to become self-reliant. Consultancy service is very less in this field. While the demand is very high.

Everyone wants to get a good deal. The loan is required but its terms are flexible. Due to a lack of knowledge, many people fall into a trap. Many people even commit suicide after getting fed up with the recovery of the loan. Your consultancy service will direct the client to the right loan provider bank or finance company as per his requirement. In return you will charge only a 2% fee like property, even then it will be too much.

Just imagine, would the parents who hire a consultancy service for their child’s career refuse the offer of a consultancy service for an education loan? The most important thing is that once you have won the trust, the client will be yours for life, and then you will get the references.

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