Small Business Ideas: Who starts first will become the brand

Small Business Ideas: Who starts first will become the brand: Today I will discuss a small-scale business idea that is running successfully in all the developed countries of the world. It started in big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. Whoever starts first in small towns will become a big brand.

This is called the Junk Removal Business. This is a service sector business, so investment comes in handy, and based on your work and behavior, your market gets created. As the name suggests, junk removal means removing the garbage and junk in the house, which the cleaning bai cannot remove. In India, this work was done during the preparations for Diwali, but you have started doing it 4 times a year.

Small Business Ideas

People like cleanliness. He does not like junk in his house because many diseases are also born from junk. In the preparations for Diwali, people used to remove the junk from the whole house themselves. Now people do not have time and when one brand is getting the service then who refuses? It becomes a matter of prestige in society.

How to Start a Junk Removal Business

  • First of all a good name, which suits the service.
  • Trade license, bank account, and local legal formality.
  • A small loading vehicle.
  • Some employees and uniforms for them. Which will clean every corner of the client’s property and do 100% junk removal.
  • A small website is built for ₹5000.
  • A business phone number from which all WhatsApp and social media accounts will also be handled.

How much will you earn in Junk Removal Business?

Visiting charges in Australia are $150. You can do more or less according to your society. Just as sand is measured in a trolley, in the same way, after cleaning, the junk and garbage that comes out of the house is measured. The fee is charged on this basis. A flight in Mumbai earns at least ₹ 5000.

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