Sohrab Khushrushahi: Dance for the love of it

Sohrab Khushrushahi: Dance for the love of it
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Dance away

Q. I used to love dancing. What dances can I do at home to lose weight?

—Jacob, via email

Dancing is great and I’m glad you enjoy it. Don’t equate it to your love with weight loss, though. Just have fun doing it. Pick any form—be it salsa, ballet, contemporary or even Zumba, for that matter. Do it because you love it and not because you want to lose the weight. That will help. Also make sure that you are eating good, well-balanced and wholesome meals during the course of the day.

@Sohfit, as he is commonly known, chucked a seven-figure job in finance to follow his passion for fitness. He currently trains some of Bollywood’s biggest stars

From HT Brunch, September 24, 2022

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