South Actor’s Shahana: Actress Shahana dies on her birthday, body found hanging from window of house

South Actor’s Shahana: Actress Shahana dies on her birthday, body found hanging from window of house
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South model and actress Shahana

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South’s actress and model Shahana has died at the age of 20. The actress has been found dead in her own house, in which the police has taken the actress’s husband with her for questioning.

Model and actress Shahana was found dead in her house in Kozhikode, Kerala. On Friday, the body of 20-year-old actress Shahana Passes Away was found hanging from the railing of the window of the house. Police reached the spot immediately after getting information about this incident. In such a situation, the police has taken Shahana’s husband with them for questioning. It is being told that it was the birthday of the actress a night before her death. In such a situation, it is being feared that the actress of the birthday day has died. According to reports, the family members of Shahana have expressed suspicion of her death to be murder.

What did Shahana’s mother say?

Her mother and relatives are in shock over Shahana’s death, they say that Shahana cannot commit suicide. In such a situation, Shahana’s husband has been accused of murder. Shahana’s mother has said in her statement- ‘My daughter was worried about her husband, he used to beat her often. She used to tell the situation of her house. There was domestic violence with him. He used to beat her a lot.

In a conversation with Manorama channel, Shahana’s mother told that ‘My daughter had planned to celebrate her 20th birthday. We were also called, she was very excited about her birthday. We were planning for his birthday. We also had a conversation with him on Thursday.

Since the news of Shahana’s death, her close people and fans are in shock due to the death of the actress. Many posts are coming out on social media in which some friends are seen referring to their last conversation with him and some are sharing screen shots of the chat.

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