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Spy Bahu 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahana reveals the plans

Spy Bahu 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update
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Spy Bahu 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: The Episode starts with Ahana coming to the secret underground room, and seeing Shalini’s ghost there. She gets scared. Shalini holds her neck and asks her to tell her why did they kill her? She asks where you are going to attack. Ahana opens the door and escapes. Yohan and Sejal come there and appreciate Shalini’s acting. Yohan says I have convinced dad, Veera, and Krish to go for puja kept for you. He says we will be at home on the pretext of taking care of Drishti. Sejal says Khakra will be burnt today.

Yohan asks Ahana to have medicine and rest. Ahana asks him to sit there and says Shalini’s ghost might come. Yohan says she can come here, even if I am sitting. Ahana asks him not to switch off the lights. He asks her to rest and goes. Ahana thinks she will go, just as Sir ji returns, and thinks it is better to go rather than die here. In the middle of the night, she wakes up and finds her hands handcuffed to the bed. Shalini slides towards her using a skateboard.

Spy Bahu 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Ahana shouts scared. Shalini says today either I will get answers to my questions or will take your life. He asks what do you want? Ahana says please bhabhi. Sejal and Yohan are standing out and watching the drama. Shalini starts dancing. Ahana says I will go from here, please forgive me. Shalini laughs and asks shall I leave you? Sejal tells the dialogues while Shalini repeats. Sejal says until you reveal your plans to me, I will not leave you. She says today I will not show sympathy to you.

Sejal feels pain in her tummy and says ouch. Shalini says ouch too, and says you will say ouch ouch and I will not leave you. She says tonight will be the last night for you, get ready to become a soul like me and wonder. Yohan lifts the bed using the remote. Ahana gets scared and says our next plan is on Ganapati day, planned by Sir ji. Shalini asks who is Sir ji? Ahana says, Veera Nanda. Shalini asks where is the blast.

Ahana says Nanda Mansion. Shalini asks about how they are planning. Ahana says she doesn’t know. Yohan says she might not know. Sejal says leave her. Yohan keeps the bed down. Ahana runs out of the room, calling Veera and Yohan. Yohan and Sejal come inside the room. Yohan takes the secret camera and says now we have the recording, we shall give it to Police. Sejal says if we give it now, then also the attack can happen, we have to safeguard our house. Yohan says yes.

Arun, Veera, and Krish come home. Arun tells that the puja happened and hopes Shalini gets some peace. Veera asks about Drishti and Mahira. Sejal says Drishti slept and Mahira was with you. Veera says no. Arun gets a call and then scolds Krish for not bringing the idol. Krish says we shall not celebrate the Ganapati festival. Veera says it is about puja. Yohan says he will go and get the idol. Sejal tells that Krish is right. Yohan says elders are always right. Veera smiles seeing them arguing.

In the room, Sejal doesn’t want Yohan to go. Yohan says he will go and will return back to her. Sejal asks if he will hug her like this. He says yes. She asks him to call her and take care and return fast. He asks what you will do if there is any problem. Sejal says I will call you. He says I will go and come back soon. Kehdo Naa plays…..

Sejal’s mangalsutra breaks and falls down. She gets worried for him and prays to Kanha ji. Drishti comes to Sejal and thanks her, for making her fine else she wouldn’t have seen Adi growing. Sejal tells that she is worried as her mangalsutra is broken, and Yohan went alone. Drishti says nothing will happen to Bhai. Shalini comes there and says Sisters, this chudail business is very boring.

Sejal asks what are you doing here? Shalini says until Veera’s Mom is exposed, I can’t go in front of anyone. Sejal says the weapons will be brought in the house in the stuff brought for puja and says they shall help her check. Shalini asks how, as she can’t come in front of everyone. Sejal says she has a plan.

Veera calls Ahana and thinks she has to plan so much and she is missing. She thinks ahana can’t get scared of ghosts and run away. Just then she gets a call from her partner who asks her to take retirement as she couldn’t supply weapons or money. Veera says she has planned to kill all Nandas except herself then they will have weapons and money in abundance.

Sejal brings Shalini in veil and tells Arun and Veera that she had taken good care of her in the village. Arun and Veera thank her. Sejal tells Arun that the lady wants to go home, and asks if he will feel good if she goes. Arun asks her to stay back and go tomorrow. Shalini whispers in her ears. Sejal says ok, you can help me with the work. Veera says you can’t work in this condition. Sejal says if I work now, then my baby will be blessed. Drishti says I will take care of her. Veera thinks about how I will execute my attack if everyone plans. Sejal thinks you can’t do anything.

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