Startup Tips: Startup instead of a job, online reselling business is bes

Startup Tips
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Startup Tips: Startup instead of a job, online reselling business is best: Startup Online Reselling Business Tips: Due to the reduction in jobs in the Coronavirus pandemic Kovid-19, the trend of youth has moved towards entrepreneurship, businesses that can get better benefits at less cost. Online reselling business is also one such option.

There are now many such companies including Meesho, Shopmatic, Offer Up, Poshmark, and Five which have become successful examples of this business. In such a situation, if you are also thinking about online business, then online reselling is a better option. If you want to start small scale then you can sell your product on already established companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc.

Startup Tips

Startup Tips

Startup Tips: Startup instead of a job, online reselling business is best

What is Online Reselling Business?

Reselling the product online by buying it directly from the manufacturers or wholesalers and adding your commission on it is called reselling. This commission ranges from 5 to 20 percent. Also, there is no compulsion in this business that you sell only one product. You can also sell one or more products. For this, you have to create your own website and app.

Reselling is different from distributors


If you do not want to invest much, then you will have to do the packaging, delivery, and marketing of the product yourself. Remember, distributors, take the product from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, or retailer, while the reseller buys the product and sells it to the customers by adding their commission on it.

Startup Cost

Giving the option of online payment will not cost much, but giving the option of cash on delivery may require you to invest capital to buy the product. The cost of a startup will depend on your product.

If you want to start a startup instead of a job

Get started this way: Instead of starting with one product, you can create multiple product categories that contain different products. For example, you can keep jewelry, and accessories with clothes. Set the price of your product according to the market. Build a marketing strategy by researching the target audience. Choose the best payment partner and grow the startup with the right branding.

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