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Tera mera saath rahe 3rd September 2021 Written Update

Tera mera saath rahe 3rd September 2021 Written Update
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Tera mera saath rahe 3rd September 2021 Written Update: Tera mera saath rahe The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama Gopi screams asking is anyone hear her voice. Inside the venue, the guy asks Diksha how could she breaks up with him because Chirag is better than him. Mithila tells that now the truth is revealed god is the one who helped them know about this truth. She then demands an explanation from Tripti. Ramila says to Ashi that god finally heard her prayers.

Tripti asks the guards to take Diksha’s boyfriend away from her. The guards take the guy away from there. Tripathi threatens Mithila saying that she will tell everyone that this marriage is broken because of Chirag and Ashi’s affair. Mithila says to Tripathi the entire city people are here and they all know what happened here so asks her to not to threaten them and asks her to leave her with the family. Gopika gets to know that she has a mobile so she decides to call Ramila for help. She then gets worried seeing there is no network.

Tera mera saath rahe 3rd September 2021 Written Update

Tera mera saath rahe 3rd September 2021 Written Update

Minal tells Chirag that his name has been cleared and she is happy about that. Ramila acts and tells everyone it Ashi who is going to face the humiliation because she is a girl. Ashi also acts like crying. Ramila then asks the ladies will they agreed to choose Ashi for their son. Then she tells that Diksha belongs to a wealthy family so this won’t affect her but they are not wealthy enough to find a guy for Ashi. She also tells in Modi’s house one sister is going to have a happy life other hand other sisters life is ruined forever. Ramila tells Ashi to think that she is sacrificing this for her sister’s happiness. Saksham thinks to himself even after all this how he is going to tell Mithila that Gopika won’t come to the Mandap.

Ramila and Ashi act like crying. Chirag tells that he will marry Ashi. Everyone gets shocked. Gopika gets a network so she calls Ramila but the latter disconnects and tells everyone it’s God’s decision. Gopika wonders why Ramila is not answering the calls she then tries to call her but the phone falls outside of the room. She gets worried. Mithila tells Chirag without elders how could he take such decisions especially whatever happened in this he didn’t do Anything wrong. Chirag tells but they have to think about Ashi’s Self Respect too.

Mithila calls Ashi who goes to her. She asks Ashi to show her where the scorpion bites her. She also tells if she is truly bitten by a scorpion she doesn’t think she can recover this soon. Ramila tells she is right in the end it’s a girl who needs to go through all the humiliation and tells Mithila that everyone knows there will be no scare when a scorpion bite. Mithila asks Ashi to show her the wound. Ashi acts like searching. Minal stops Mithila and tells that Ashi went through a lot and tells if the same happens to Thejal will they question her like this. She also tells that they should be Proud of Chirag’s upbringing for him taking such decisions.

Mithila asks Minal to understand why she is telling her that Ashi is not suitable for Chirag. Keshav interrupts and tells Chirag’s mother and father is okay with Chirag getting married to Ashi. Mithila goes away from there. Gopika thinks that she needs to go to the Mandap at any cost. Minal reminds Mithila about her promise not to interfere in. any of the decisions she will take for Chirag’s marriage. Mithila tells that she does remember but it’s Chirag’s life they can’t play like this. Baa tells Mithila even she played and find Gopika then announced her as their daughter in law they all agreed to her decision so asks her to agree to this marriage. Then asks Ramila to make Ashi gets ready.

Ashi and Ramila dance happily. Then they both go to Gopika’s room to take her out from the washroom. Gopika tells that she doesn’t know how she gets stuck inside the washroom. Ramila tells Gopika that Ashi is getting married to Chirag. Gopika gets happy and tries to hug Ashi but the latter refuses to say her makeup will get spoiled. Gopika then worries about seeing her spoiled makeup so she asks Ashi to help her fix her makeup. But both Ramila and Ashi take Gopika out of the room saying they are getting late. Gopika’s churni gets stuck so she stays behind. Hiten helps Gopika.

Tera mera saath rahe 3rd September 2021 Written Update

Mithila tells Baa and Minal that Gopika is coming with Ramila and Ashi. She then tells Minal that she is Innocent that’s why she is falling into people’s mind games. Then they all see Ashi is entering the venue. Mithila asks Ramila where is Gopika. Saksham decides to tell Mithila that Gopika won’t come so he calls Mithila and tells her that he wants to tell her something. Mithila asks him to say. Saksham takes Gopika’s name but stops when Hiten tells Gopika is here. Everyone gets happy.

Saksham gets shocked and recalls everything. Then both Ashi and Gopika sit beside their partner. Then the marriage ritual starts. During pheras Gopika recalls the first time how Saksham forced her to take pheras with him and gets happy. Saksham thinks to himself that he can’t believe that Gopika will go against his wish and betray him like this.

Precap: The priest asks Saksham to fill Gopika’s hairline with vermilion. Saksham thinks that he can’t believe he is marrying a girl who betrayed him. Gopika looks at Saksham who is lost in his thoughts. Ramila gets worried. Mithila and her family look at Saksham confusingly. The priest once again asks Saksham to fill Gopika’s hairline with vermilion and fulfill this marriage ritual. Tera mera saath rahe 3rd September 2021 Written Update.

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