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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th June 2021 Written Update Renu shares the plan

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th June 2021 Written Update Renu shares the plan

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Renu giving ideas to Pappu and Chanda to destroy Mahi. She says whenever Mahi will choose her family over Jogi, he will become angry and they will argue. Mahi will surely be in dilemma whether to choose her husband or her mother. Renu thinks Mahi considered her dead now she will ruin her life.

Jogi dreams of Mahi. Mahi tries to wake him up. She dips his finger in tea and he shouts. He again goes back to sleep. Rupa misses Jogi’s father and says if he was here Jogi would have learned many things from him. Biji video calls her. She asks why Rupa is looking tensed. Rupa says she is scared what if Jogi and Mahi get separated as Jogi is not that responsibile. That’s truth. Biji says she is overthinking. Rupa says with time Mahi will not like the fact that Jogi is jobless and lazy. She won’t be able to accept Jogi then. Mahi loves to work. Rupa says she will reveal Jogi’s flaws in front of Mahi before it’s too late. Mahi should not expect too much from him.

Mahi says what Jogi was telling her yesterday that he can’t sing songs whenever he wants. Rupa says that’s right. That’s why she told Mahi to not pressurize Jogi to sing. He can’t sing without Matarani’s will. Later Mahi says Rupa can handover the responsibility to her and Jogi. Rupa says Jogi won’t wake up, he is not hard working. he won’t take the responsibility. Mahi gets angry and Rupa leaves for supplying the milk.

Mahi comes to Jogi angrily. Jogi gets up and gets romantic with Mahi. He tells her Shayari. Mahi scolds him saying why didnt he go to supply the milk. Jogi says Rupa is not home so they are alone and can focus on romance. He pulls Mahi near him.

Seema tells Pappu that she went to see her house. People were saying her house is used for rent. Pappu says he took the decision after thinking a lot. Seema should trust him. He gives her foot massage and tells her not to worry. He convinces Seema with his lie and Shalu takes her inside.

Mahi shouts at Jogi for not doing work. He says he is just trying to romance with her but she is ruining everything. He talks about children and says their focus should be on honeymoon. Mahi says she will punish him if he doesn’t wake up early from next day. Seema orders house help to make food for her. Shalu taunts Seema saying she is eating food for free. If she wants to stay here she has to do the household chores. Seema gets shocked and tells her to talk to her respectifully. Other side, Jogi makes food for everyone. Rupa says Jogi is doing too much work. Jogi says he is doing smart work not hard work.

Later he compares Mahi with Rupa and praises Mahi. He says like how Rupa used to take all the responsibilities of this house, Mahi will take it. Jogi gets one call. Rupa then tries to make Mahi understand that she should understand Jogi’s nature. He is lazy and love is not enough for a marriage. Taking responsibilities is also necessary for successful marriage. Mahi says she doesn’t need to worry but Jogi will manage everything. Rupa laughs saying it’s not possible. Mahi says what is Rupa hinting at.

Episode ends

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