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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 27th May 2021 Written Update: Chanda threatens Shalu and Chopras
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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Jogi feeling pain in his legs as he lifted Mahi sometimes ago. Mahi comes to him. Jogi says nothing much, I am fine. He tells her to talk slowly as Rupa will wake up. Mahi gives him support and tells him to stand on his leg. Jogi says I’ll get habituated with your help. Dont become my habit.

Pappu praises Chanda for her planning. He says if our parents were alive they would have felt proud. Chanda makes drink for them and she notices Renu hiding in corner. Pappu tells Chanda now another trouble has occurred. Renu is spying on us. Chanda says she knows how to handle them. Renu gets scared.

Doctor check Jogi. Mahi tells doctor to check properly as Jogi was not able to stand up. Jogi teases Mahi saying she is overreacting. Doctor says but wives care for their husbands the most. He adds Jogi’s legs need time to recover fully. He should not lift heavy things. Jogi recalls how he lifted Mahi up so he teasingly says yes he picked up a heavy stuff. Mahi thanks doctor for coming at late night.

Chanda tells Renu she doesn’t want to hide about her discussion with Pappu. Neither she will apologise. Renu says but this is wrong, she says I’ll reveal this to everyone. Chanda makes Renu sit. Chanda says Renu and her useless husband will miss getting all the luxuries here if she reveals anything. Chanda says Renu didn’t get anything by loving Mahi so if she supports Chanda she will get lot of benefits. Renu agrees and says she wants something in return for shutting her mouth. Chanda smiles and says she will give her on right time. She tells Renu to leave.

Jogi teases Mahi and Mahi says this is not the right time to crack jokes. Jogi says you are right and I understood one thing today that this marriage and our relationship are also not joke for you. Jogi says he notices concern for him in Mahi’s eyes. It wasn’t fake. Mahi diverts the topic saying doctor should check your eyes. Jogi says doctor also observed how you cared for me. Mahi shuts him saying you need brain treatment. Jogi is about to fall while getting up and Mahi holds him. Jogi thinks Mahi will turn back to see him for sure before leaving if she has feelings for him. But Mahi leaves and Jogi gets upset. Mahi later comes back to see Jogi and Jogi gets delighted seeing King Khan’s trick worked.

Shalu tells Pappu that Chanda wants them to get divorced. Pappu says he has done a lot for Chopras, paying their debt, pleading for them etc but in return what he received? Shalu chose her family not Pappu. Pappu says just like you think about your own family Chanda is also thinking about me. Shalu says she didn’t do any less to impress Pappu and this time she will prove herself by winning the competition. Pappu says he cancelled it and already talked to organisers. Shalu gets shocked to know that. Pappu says Shalu is not sure whether she is better than Mahi or not. Then how can she become the winner. Shalu tries to explain but Pappu says you only know how to do make up, otherwise you have no knowledge. Pappu shuts Shalu and leaves. Shalu gets angry and thinks of taking revenge from Mahi.

Jogi plans a surprise for Mahi and closes her eyes. Mahi gets impressed seeing all the decorations. Rose petals fall on her. She asks what is all this? Jogi says in this current situation he can’t go on a date with her so he planned something here. Mahi says they need to prepare for the dance competition. Jogi says but Mahi needs to learn how to blush and she can make her husband feel special. Mahi says she doesnt know about all these. Jogi tells then why was she blushing last night when Jogi left the room and she also told she is seeing Jogi everywhere. Mahi diverts the topic and sits on chair to have tea. Jogi says they didn’t get much time to do all these as they got married unexpectedly. Jogi comes to the point and asks Mahi directly that what will she take to love him? Mahi gets surprised.

The Episode ends

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