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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th July 2021 Written Update: Mahi saves Jogi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th July 2021 Written Update: Mahi saves Jogi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th July 2021 Written Update….

The episode starts with Jogi and Pankaj finding out who bought mig 21. Pankaj gets to know about that buyer and they decide to take the car from him. Jogi comes out with Pankaj. Renu tells Jogi to join them but latter says he is going out for some urgent work. Mahi says what kind of urgent work? Jogi lies to her that he is going to give the audition. Pankaj says to Mahi he will drop Jogi safely. Mahi finds something fishy. She hugs him and tells him best of luck. She thinks why Jogi suddenly got excited for the audition. Mahi asks Jogi why he is carrying a wheel chair. Jogi replies he will throw it away. Renu and Shalu hear about Jogi’s audition.

Chanda asks Pappu why did he send Seema and her gang to Tabela. Pappu says their bond will get more stronger and at last Mahi and Jogi will get hurt even more after knowing about the betrayal. Chanda and Pappu laugh.

Jogi discusses the plan with Pankaj. Pankaj is in inspector’s get up. Jogi tells him to put false charges on that person when he will arrive with Mahi’s car. Jogi decides to trap that person by their fake accident drama so that they get Mahi’s car back. Pankaj says he is scared. Jogi says he loves Mahi and to bring smile on her face he can do anything. He sits on wheelchair.

Mahi gets worried for Jogi and Priya calls Pankaj. Pankaj lies to her that the audition is still going on. Mahi says she knows her husband, Jogi is not that kind of a person who will wait this long for an audition. Something is wrong for sure. She checks an app and gets to know Jogi’s location. She gets suspicious and rushes to see him with Priya.

Two car owners start car racing. There one constable comes and asks Pankaj what are they doing. Pankaj lies that he is here to check on those racers. Jogi gets ready with his plan and tells Pankaj to hide. The racers are about to hit Jogi but Mahi saves him. She scolds him and asks what he was trying to do? Pankaj comes and sends the real constable behind racers. Priya takes Pankaj from there. Jogi tries to calm down Mahi and he lifts her up. He flirts with her and latter asks what Jogi is hiding. Jogi says Mahi also never takes permission from him before doing anything and how she got to know that he is here. Mahi says she had doubts that Jogi is going to do something wrong. Later they get romantic and tease each other. Jogi says his secret is related to something good. Mahi leaves with Jogi.

Next morning Mahi doesn’t talk to Jogi properly. She says if Jogi doesn’t reveal the reason behind going to bypass road she will remain angry with him. She tricks him to learn the truth but she fails. Later she calls Priya but the latter doesn’t pick her call and Mahi leaves angrily.

Priya says she will go to her maternal home, Pankaj convinces her and reveals the whole truth about Jogi’s plan. Priya says they have gone mad. She will inform Mahi everything. Pankaj requests her not to tell anything to Mahi as whatever Jogi is doing its for Mahi’s good only. Priya gets Mahi’s call and she lies to the latter saying Pankaj also didn’t tell anything to her.

Mahi tells Rupa that she wants to supply milk with her today. Jogi comes and teases Mahi saying why she wants Rupa to work, when her son is ready to supply the milk. Mahi says she doesn’t want to talk to him. Rupa gets pissed and leaves with Biji to supply the milk. She tells Mahi and Jogi to finish household work.

Mahi tells Jogi to play a game with her. She will ask him some questions and if Jogi gives right answers he will get reward else he will get punished. Jogi thinks punishment will be sweet too. He gets ready and Mahi asks him where did he go yesterday? Jogi says bypass. Mahi gives him lassi as reward. Jogi finishes it happily. Then Mahi asks what he wanted to do there? Jogi doesnt answer and Mahi gives him bitter gourd juice. Jogi finds it difficult to drink. Mahi says give me the right answer else you will have to drink it. Jogi drinks somehow. Mahi asks why Jogi missed the audition. Jogi says he wants to give her a surprise only. He leaves to avoid giving her answers. Mahi gets an idea to learn the truth.

Mahi wears a red saree and tries to seduce Jogi. She dances on Han Hasi song. She asks Jogi again to confess the truth but Jogi denies. She gets irked and locks him in room. Jogi sleeps. Mahi comes back and says she forgot Jogi is lazy and loves to sleep. Locking him in room is bad idea. She again asks Jogi politely that what is he hiding. Jogi says he feels nervous and can’t give auditions. Mahi says big producers directors will praise him. Jogi always thinks about others, sometimes he should think about himself too. Mahi asks Jogi to promise her that he will give auditions. Jogi agrees and goes to washroom.

Mahi tells Jogi to come out of washroom. Why is he taking so much time. Jogi comes out and Mahi is about to fall. Jogi saves her from falling. They share a romantic moment. Jogi sings a romantic song for Mahi. Mahi says he only knows how to sing. Jogi says because he is a singer and he also knows how to love his wife. Mahi gets shy and the latter kisses on her forehead. They are about to kiss each other but Rupa and Biji enter their room. Mahi and Jogi feel awkward. Rupa and Biji laugh at them. Rupa tells Mahi to go outside. She says a gift is waiting for Mahi. Mahi goes outside and gets overwhelmed to see her car mig 21.

Episode ends

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