Tesla Cybertruck: Wouldn’t have seen such a strange truck, Elon Musk’s company made rockets made of steel

Tesla Cybertruck: नहीं देखा होगा इतना अजीबोगरीब ट्रक, एलन मस्क की कंपनी ने किया रॉकेट की स्टील से तैयार
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Elon Musk’s company Tesla introduced Cybertruck during an event in 2019. The company claimed that Cybertruck is a bulletproof truck. However, the glass of Cybertruck was broken after throwing a small metal ball in that event. Then Elon Musk had to face a lot of embarrassment.

Tesla Cybertruck: Wouldn't have seen such a strange truck, Elon Musk's company made rockets made of steel

Tesla Cybertruck

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Aug 06, 2022 | 3:06 PM

The world’s richest man is back to work on a very strange truck. According to reports, Tesla will launch the electric truck ‘Cybertruck’ introduced in November 2019 next year. Tesla is very famous for making electric vehicles and Elon Musk is the owner of this company. The design of the Tesla Cybertruck is quite strange. The stainless steel used to make the rockets of Elon Musk’s second company SpaceX has been used to make the Tesla Cybertruck. The company has received more than one million non-binding reservations for the Tesla Cybertruck so far.

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