The Archive feature in Google Photos is very useful, use this way

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The Archive feature in Google Photos is very useful, use this way: The Archive feature in Google Photos is very useful. This function removes your selected photo from the main feed and moves it to a different place where you can easily see it. Because of this many users use the archive feature to hide photos. Perhaps for this reason Google is now changing the name of “Archive” to “Hidden”.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, after updating Google Photos to version 6.1 on iPhone, users are seeing a new message – “The archive will now be called hidden.” Let us know about this in detail.

Archive of Google Photos will now be called Hidden

The archive feature is available from WhatsApp to Gmail, Keep Notes, and Google Photos. It helps users to hide messages, emails, notes, or photos from the main screen. But this function doesn’t actually hide things but just repositions them. Often things put in the archive in apps appear in the search results. The same happens in Google Photos.

In the latest iOS version of Google Photos, only the name Archive is hidden, but it is still working as before. On rolling out the new app, Google states that “Hidden photos will still appear in albums and search results. You will be able to see the hidden folders in the library view.

The way you used to see the option of “Move to Archive” when you opened the menu on a video or picture in Google Photos, now you will get a simple “Hide” button instead. The icon of this button has also changed to ‘cut on the eye’. The hidden folder will now be found in the library instead of Archive.

All these changes have happened only in the iOS app of Google Photos. The Archive feature on the Android app and the web app is still visible and functional. Hopefully, this change will be seen soon on these apps as well.

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