The government has made a new rule for those who run AC, if run at less than 27 degrees, evening will come!

AC चलाने वालों के लिए सरकार ने बनाया नया Rule, 27 डिग्री से कम पर चलाया तो आएगी शामत!
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AC Rule: Yes, you read it right, now a rule has also been made regarding running AC and for what reason this has happened i.e. what is the reason behind it. Let us give you information about this matter in detail.

The government has made a new rule for those who run AC, if run at less than 27 degrees, evening will come!

AC Rule: The rule has been made to run AC, see immediately

Europe is heating up the most at this time, yes you can also say that the outbreak of heat in Europe is increasing a lot. The situation is that in many countries the temperature has gone above 40 degrees, due to which Spain has given a decree through the State Gazette to deal with the skyrocketing energy ie energy price and scorching heat. It has been mentioned in this decree that the AC has to be set at 27 degrees or more in public places, these places include airports, shops, offices, theaters etc.


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that the country is in dire need of saving energy, furthering his point, he has also said that public and private sector employees should not wear ties to stay cool in the summer.

AC makes the atmosphere hot

We all know very well that in the summer season, whether it is Window AC or Split AC, it fills the room with coolness. The room is filled with coolness, but stand outside the AC and look at it, then you will know that your own AC leaves the heat inside the room outside, due to which the atmosphere is becoming hot. This is the reason why the temperature is increasing.

Europe is not the first such country

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Spain is not the first country that has imposed such an AC rule, remind that countries like Greece and Italy have also implemented such an AC rule last month. In June, Greece announced Operation Thermostat, which aims to save 10 percent of electricity this year, and under this rule no person can run their AC below 27 degrees.

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