There is so much power in the display of iPhone 13 that the eyes of the onlookers were torn! watch this video

iPhone 13 के डिस्प्ले में है इतना दम कि देखने वालों की फटी रह गई आंखे! देखें ये Video
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How strong is the Apple iPhone 13 display, today we are going to give proof of this to you people through a video recently revealed by the company. If you are also an Apple lover, then see the power of iPhone 13 in this video.

There is so much power in the display of iPhone 13 that the eyes of the onlookers were torn!  watch this video

Apple iPhone 13 display is so strong that it will be shaken to see (Photo- Apple)

Apple iPhone 13 Ceramic Shield: We all know how secure or how safe Apple makes its iPhone models and this is the reason why iPhone models are liked by every customer in terms of security. But not only in terms of security but also in terms of display, the iPhone is the strongest and now the biggest proof of this can be clearly seen in a video of the recently surfaced iPhone 13.

Apple phones are undoubtedly expensive, but Apple also has a break to save your investment and this break is hidden in the company’s iPhone models, yes you read it right. Let us know that Apple strengthens the ceramic shield in its iPhone models. Let us tell you that some time ago Apple shared a video in which the company has shown the strength of the display of its iPhone 13 model.

In this video, Apple iPhone 13 is seen lying on the table and as soon as the phone rings, it starts vibrating and slowly the phone slips and falls down but the company says that no need to worry, your phone It has the strength of a ceramic shield.

Android Smartphones vs Apple iPhones

Often phones fall out of the hands of customers, due to which the screen breaks, which is why smartphones running on Apple or Android OS come with screen protection. In Apple models, the ceramic shield strengthens the display so that even if the phone falls, the risk of breakage is negligible and in Android customers get Gorilla Glass protection. If after watching this video above, now you are also planning to get iPhone 13, then let us give you the detail information from the price of the phone to the features.


The iPhone 13 128 GB storage variant costs Rs 73,999, while the 256 GB storage variant of this model can be purchased by customers for Rs 83,999 and the 512 GB storage variant for Rs 1,03,999. Customers can buy this device from Flipkart.

iPhone 13 Features

This Apple mod has a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display, let us know that this phone has A15 Bionic chipset for speed and multitasking. There are three storage variants of this phone, first 128 GB, second 256 GB and third 512 GB.

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