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Thirumathi Hitler 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Thirumathi Hitler 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update…

The episode starts with Jaya walking to and forth there Daughter in laws are teasing her. She says to her that her son came in Hindi. Maya asks her to stop talking in Hindi. AJ comes there Jaya shares to him that she saw a nightmare and narrate to him. AJ says it’s good dream. Jaya says to him stop playing around she can’t able to sleep whole night so she met Priest he said to celebrate nuptial changing function for Hasini. AJ says to her she can remove the nuptial chain but don’t tie it to her neck again. Jaya asks him to stop teasing and agree with it. AJ complaints that she is acting a lot. Chithra asks to Archana will he agree to this?

He asks her to do it. Archana remind her that Priest asks her to use Prevalika nuptial chain. AJ gets shock to hear it and stands adamant to don’t give her nuptial chain to anyone. He adds that he is treasuring all things of Prevali so he can’t able to give to her. He is regretting for marrying Hasini. Jaya thinks what to do next. She talks with Hasini in convincing way. She is also not agreeing to do this function reasoning AJ won’t agree to this. She asks her to see the second half of the dream she will be happy with AJ in it. Jaya trying to explain her what’s bothering her. Hasini strictly says no to her. Jaya leaves from there disappointed.

Hasini thinks that she will go from this house soon after finding the evidence against AJ. He will go to jail. Then Jaya itself snatch nuptial chain from her and kick her out. So this function is waste of time. Jaya complaints to god that he signaled to her Hasini nuptial chain in danger and created a tough situation to her to convince them. Already AJ lost Prevali in his life still he is not out of that pain. Don’t snatch Hasini from him also. She can’t able to bear another one misery. What did she done wrong doesn’t she praying genuinely to god? How will she live happily seeing her son suffering. She won’t worship god again if god won’t help her in this matter. She needs AJ’s happiness in her life. Jaya tells to god that he may thinking she is joking. She won’t worship god till they agree to this function. Jaya takes the Idol from the pooja room and places it in store room. She put a deal with god that she won’t come here till he unite Hasini with AJ. Jaya leaves from there.

Chithra comes to eat the Prasad. But she gets shock to see the prasad is missing. She complaints to Archana about it. Archana finds the idol is missing she complaints to Jaya. She says to them that she placed god in jail. She doubts may it’s just a statue not god. She will bring it back after her prayer turns true. Archana stares her in teasing way and informs to her sisters that she is fighting with god now for Hasini. Let’s see who is winning in this game. They wishes to kick Hasini out of this house soon. AJ is searching for the blue file and thinks Hasini changed his room. He can’t able to find his things now. Hasini comes there seeing her he asks her to find his blue file he adds that she misplaced all things of him in the name of decorating.

Hasini makes faces and starts searching for the file she find it and complaints to him. He need one more specs then only he can able to see everything properly. AJ takes the file from her. She gives the file to him but she didn’t noticed the prevalika missing news printed news paper also in it. AJ places it all inside his car without noticing it. Archana comes there and asks him to drop her in shopping mall. She sits in back side and starts checking the news paper but she too didn’t noticed the news. Meanwhile Prevalika is suffering to take breath. Nurse called the doctor she comes there and gives first aid to her but she died.

Episode end.

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