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Thirumathi Hitler 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Hasini informs to Jaya that she is leaving this house forever! Jaya questions her why did she take this decision? What’s her reason? Hasini tells her reason is not a matter here if she leave then everyone will be happy here. Jaya says to her Is she prayed to god from morning to listen this? If she leave this house who will be happy and loss the prestige? Will she get a good name after left from here? She enquires her what happened to her out of the blue? Doesn’t she went inside her room. happily yesterday?

Hasini says that she gets maturity. Jaya says in sarcasm she is foolish. Jaya questions her doesn’t AJ allowed her in then what happened to her suddenly? Hasini says that he didn’t allowed her but Jaya saved her. Hasini indirectly mentions about the letter but Jaya not understands it. Hasini tells her that she done a mistake so she has no dare to face AJ hereafter. She wanna face this for her mistakes. Maya feels happy to see Hasini is going to leave. Archana says let’s clean this house after Hasini left. Jaya advises to her nothing to worry she can stay here reasoning she done everything for fun.

God also gave good result. Hasini informs to her that AJ doesn’t like her presence here and others too. Jaya questions her Is she adding her also in this list. Jaya asks her to go inside if she considered her as her mom. Hasini says that she has no work inside she is going to her house. Jaya asks her to don’t make her angry. Hasini stands adamant to leave. Jaya complaints that Hasini talking nonsense please give good brain to her.

Jaya shares to Hasini that she got peace after she entered into this house. She was the one lighten the lamp here. Jaya asks her to don’t snatch her peace. Hasini tells her that she was happy here but she can’t able to stay here anymore reasoning she cheated him intentionally. Jaya says her she will inform to AJ.

Hasini says to her he will be happy if she left here. she will miss her a lot if she wishes to meet her she will come outside of gate. Hasini about to leave Jaya stops her and complaints that she is not allowed to go out till AJ back. Chithra comments that Hasini is ready to leave but this Jaya is not allowing her at all.

Jaya says to her strictly she can leave after 4. Hasini leaves from there. Chithra and Maya thinks that everything gonna end. Jaya will convince AJ and Hasini will stay here. Archana alerts them that Hasini won’t change her decision. Everyone leaves from there Chithra evesdrops Jaya’s conversation. Jaya notices her and teases her.

Jaya says to god that AJ agreed to marry Hasini for Prevali’s letter. If Hasini leaves then her all dreams comes to end. He will loss his happiness. Now only Chakravarthy wishes to celebrate Hasini’s Thala diwali but Hasini wishes to break her marriage relationship with AJ. She says what will Chakravarthy think about Jaya she can’t able to bear their curse.

How will she stop Hasini from leaving this house? She adds that Hasini is a good girl she don’t know to think bad for others. She is not married to AJ for his money. She is different from others only she can able to bring happiness to this house and AJ life too. She asks God to give a good result to her. She notices her photo and gets an idea. She calls to one saint and informs everything to her. She assures to Jaya that she will take care of it. Jaya sits in the hope she will deal with this issue and changes everything.

Archana, Chithra, Maya are waiting to see Hasini leaving the house. Hasini gets angry to see AJ photo and decides to leave from there. Hasini questions to her daughters in law Isn’t anything there to say her. Archana teases her that where ever she go that place will lost it peace. They asks Hasini to leave soon she glares them and leaves. They feels happy to see it.

Episode end.

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