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Thirumathi Hitler 14th June 2021 Written Update Akhila teaches Hasini

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 14th June 2021 Written Update Akhila teaches Hasini

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with starts with Jaya pleads with Akhila to stay with her for two days. Akhila agrees to stay there. Jaya feels happy and asks Hasini to show her room. Hasini takes her to upstairs. Jaya thank her and notices Archana gang are standing them. Jaya asks them to cook soon and leaves. Archana complaints that Akhila ruined everything at last time. She spoiled their plan. Chithra doubts what spell she cast on Hasini?

Maya questions them what’s this two days matter? They fears that Hasini may comes to know about the letter matter. Archana says no chance but she doubts what did Akhila said to Hasini in room? Hasini takes Akhila to her room and assures to her that she will feel comfortable here. Akhila says to her she is a saint so she doesn’t care about this all. She is comfortable in all place unlike greedy human beings. Akhila questions her what’s comfortable here? Hasini tells her about the luxurious life inside AJ house.

Akhila questions her then why is she trying to leave from here leaving this luxurious life? She stays silent and leaves to bring juice for her. Akhila drinks it and return the glass to her. Hasini asks her to tell her if she needs anything? Akhila tells her she don’t need anything but Hasini has. She entered into this house for her needs only. She is here not to loss her father like her mother! Chithra notices them talking secretly and calls others to evesdrops their conversation.

Akhila questions Hasini doesn’t she entered into this house uninterested. If she likes to leave from this house also she can’t able to leave from here. From birth she suffered a lot and suffering here too. She will suffer in future too. Akhila assures to her she is with her. Akhila tells her she will teach her three mantras she can use it to solve her all problems. Hasini tells her she has no faith in this magic. Akhila tells her its not easy to get this opportunity but she can use it to solve her problems. Hasini doubts how will she help her to send AJ to jail. Akhila mentions she didn’t fulfilled her task yet so she can use this mantras to finish it.

Akhila reaches her three mantras. Daughter’s in law trying to evesdrops it. Akhila advises her she can use this mantras for her task. Chithra and Maya thinks whether this mantras are true or not. But Archana doubts why did Hasini came to this house? It seems Akhila knew the reason? Chithra questions her whether this mantras work out or not? Archana tells them they will get a answer if they find out for what purpose Hasini use that mantras?

Hasini comes down Jaya questions her what did Akhila said to her? She informs to her she said mantra! Jaya asks her to stop teasing her. Hasini asks Jaya to stop mentioning her sister as mom first. Jaya tells her all are worshipping her how will she mentions her name without respect? She gives a example that corona is a big virus but it’s vaccine is small one. Hasini asks her stop giving examples like this. She adds that Akhila said to her if she uses this mantras then she can fulfill her intention of entered into this house. Jaya questions her what’s it? Hasini manages to lie with her. Jaya asks her to share the mantras to her? Hasini tells her that if she shares it with others then it will lost its power. Jaya praises Akhila and asks her to don’t share it with all.

Hasini wishes to use the mantra and open the locker to get the evidence against AJ. Jaya asks her to trust her. Hasini doubts how to use it? Daughter’s in laws are watching her. They looks down on Akhila’s mantras. Archana convinces them. Hasini thinks how to use the mantras? She wishes to use one mantras to take revenge on her daughter’s in law. She closes her eyes and starts chant the mantras. Daughter’s in laws are watching her. Maya and Chithra are scared of the mantras and questions Archana doesn’t she scared of it? She tells them she is pretending like brave.

Episode end.

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