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Thirumathi Hitler 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Hasini thinking about the mantras. Chithra says to Maya definitely Hasini gonna use that mantras on them in anger. She is already feels like her grandpa calling her to paradise. Maya tells her even she feels like cardiac arrest. Archana asks them to be quiet. Maya questions her doesn’t she has fear? Archana informes to them that she is pretending like not scared. Chithra teases her. Hasini wishes to test the mantras and learn whether it’s working out or not? She closes her eyes and prays she needs all items to eat. She says some list and chant the mantras. Chithra says she is foodie. Even after she got such mantras she is thinking low. Just then all the items appears on Hasini table.

Everyone gets shock to see it there. Hasini gets happy to see it and jumps in excitement. She thinks Akhila’a mantras are working out. Mantras are real. She drools over the delicious food and starts tasting it all. Chithra tells to Archana that she didn’t expected this will turn out true. They pouts to see Hasini eating the food non stop. Chithra drools over it and complaints she is eating everything alone. Hasini finishes all food and thinks its finished soon. Maya says she is a foodie. Hasini wishes to eat the lunch too.

Akhila prays to god. Hasini comes there and invites her to take lunch. Akhila tells her that she will eat later. Hasini says to her she personally checked everything Jaya prepared all for her. Akhila tells her one is missing. Hasini informs to her nothing is missing. Akhila tells her one mantra is missing. Hasini questions her how did she find out? Akhila says to her its not matter here. Hasini tells her that she wishes to test the mantras that’s why used one mantras.

Akhila says to her it means she don’t trust her at all. Hasini deny it. Akhila says to her if she wishes to test the mantras then why didn’t she tried on it for what purpose she came here? Hasini thinks she is right! Hasini doubts Is she know she searching for the evidence against AJ. She wishes to use the mantras careful this time.

Prevali is unconscious yet. Doctor checks her and says still no one came to search for her so let’s give advertisement in news paper. If someone searching for her then it will he helpful to them. Hasini enters into the room and thinks no one enter into room now.

She searches the locker but she can’t able to find it out. She thinks let’s chant mantras to bring it here. Later Hasini thinks she shouldn’t waste the mantras and use it carefully. She wishes to use the mantra properly and save her father from CBI. Archana, Chithra and Maya are discussing about the powerful mantras. Archana says she fears Hasini use this mantra to change AJ heart. If she makes him her puppert then their problem will be increase. She will make them as servant and kicks them out of the house.

Archana says to others they wanna do something to stop Hasini. Keerthi calls to land line. Chithra lies to her Hasini taking bath. Archana shares to Keerthi about the mantras and creating greed inside her. She narrates the situation to her as proof. Keerthi starts imagine the luxurious life.

Episode end.

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