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Thirumathi Hitler 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Archana lies to Keerthana that one saint cams to house and gifted three mantras to Hasini to fulfill her dreams. Keerthana questions her will she can get money through mantras? Archana nods to her. Archana says to Keerthana that Hasini already used one mantra already only two left. She asks her to reach home soon before Hasini using it for other purpose? Keerthana nods and disconnect the call. Archana says to Maya that Keerthana will snatch two mantras from her before she use it on AJ. If she turns to rich also she will end up poor.

Maya appreciates her idea. Three daughter in-laws are waiting for her Keerthana comes there thinking she wanna be rich soon and arranges for Swetha’s marriage grandly. Archana welcomes her and intentionally praises her to increase her greed. Chithra says she got a lucky chance she gonna be rich from this moment. Keerthana shares her happiness with her. Archana pretends like praising Hasini. They sends Keerthana to Hasini room after asks her to get the mantra from her at any cost. Keerthana talks nicely with Hasini. Hasini welcomes her. Keerthana says to her that she never thought she will get luck. She shares about the mantras incident.

QHasini thinks that those idiots planned this all and send her here. Keerthana shares to her that she worried a lot for their poor state now for brings luck through Hasini. Keerthana asks Hasini to go with her reasoning they will get money after she chant the mantras there or else all money will go them. They are already rich so they don’t need the money at all. Hasini deny to go with her reasoning she has two days work here. Keerthana asks her to say the mantras like she is getting 5 lakhs money monthly. Hasini deny it reasoning she might use this mantras for only good purpose. Keerthana questions her isn’t helping her father and sister good purpose? Hasini says to her she gifted her that mantras to fulfill her one task so she shouldn’t use it for other purpose.

Keerthika questions her Is that saint said to her like that? Keerthika emotionally talking with her and comments that she is not using the lucky mantras to her sister then how will she help her sister in future? Hasini says she is doing everything for her father. Keerthana takes it in wrong way and badmouths on her. She wishes to meet that saint. Hasini clears to her that saint gave that mantras to finish her task. She already wasted one mantra. Keerthana says two mantras are remaining why don’t she use one for her task and another one for her family? Hasini asks her to understand it. She can’t able to use it for her own purpose.

Keerthana questions Hasini how will she understand money’s value when she is living in this house? After she married to this family she got ego and attittude. Hasini asks her to understand her. Keerthana complaints that she entered into this house because of her. Hasini asks her to explain it. Keerthana lies to her that she meant her education and upbringing. If she don’t do anything to her then she wouldn’t have entered here. Keerthana challenges her let’s see how she is living happily here ignoring her pleads.

Keerthana says to her that she will arrange Swetha’s marriage with Badri and bring her to this marriage. Keerthana informs to Archana that Hasini didn’t give the mantras to her. They gets disappoints with it. Maya is thinking seriously about Hasini’s plan. Maya fears that she will use it against them. Chithra says to her that she won’t do such things if she wishes to do it then she would have do it now itself. Chithra says they didn’t get the mantras but Hasini. Both are planning to snatch the mantras from Hasini. They are planning to impress Hasini and gets the mantras from her. Maya wishes to inform this to Archana but Chithra stops her reasoning she won’t allow them to do it.

Episode end.

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