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Thirumathi Hitler 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with AJ drives into forest while looking for Hasini. Hasini is sitting inside the forest and crying in fear. She starts walking there and gets nervous hearing the weird sound from forest. Hasini hears someone foot steps sound! Hasini questions who is it? Meanwhile AJ reaches there and stops the car. He starts calling her name and looking for her inside the forest? AJ questions her where is she? AJ thinks it’s getting late. She went missing for long it’s his mistake he misunderstood that she was cheating him.

AJ gets illusion like Hasini saying to him that she is scared. Just drop her in her house he don’t need to take her to his house. She won’t call him as Hitler anymore. She is scared. AJ starts searching for Hasini there. AJ thinks where is Hasini may she returned to home. He sits inside the car and leaves from there. Chithra informs to Maya that AJ is missing in his room. Maya questions her where did he went? Chithra complaints he used to inform us where he is going but today he didn’t. Why is he doing like this? They doubts what will be the reason?

Chithra thinks that AJ went to check Hasini. May she will win in that task. Maya complaints she shouldn’t win in it. AJ comes there searching for Hasini. Chithra and Maya doubts what’s going on here? AJ questions them where is Hasini? Chithra questions him Is Hasini win in that task or not? He says it seems he will fail in the task. Chithra says to him clear them. AJ narrates to them everything. Maya questions him doesn’t she there? AJ thinks something would have happen to her. He doubted her yesterday that’s why he took this decision now he is regret for doing like this.

Hasini suffered to walk in this house and can’t able to drink water alone. He left her in that forest without mercy. He already ruined her life now this too. Maya says to him its a good time to him. Hasini can see well she know that AJ will find out the truth that she is not blind if she return to house. Some how AJ will kick her out that’s why she escaped from there. Don’t worry about her she kissed in that task but he won. Police comes to that house.

Police questions him Is his wife missing? He nods to him. Police brings her to home. Hasini thinks that AJ is cruel one that’s why he left her alone in that forest and waiting here for the result. AJ sigh in relief after seeing Hasini there. Police informs to AJ that someone informed to the police station that one girl is in forest. When they goes there she was crying alone. Police questions him why did he left her in that forest alone? AJ says to him that he thought she will be back. Police questions him how will she come back doesn’t she blind.

Police questions him who are they? Chithra informs to him they are his daughters in laws. Police complaints all are in same age. Something is wrong. AJ informs to him that they are searching for her hereafter he will take care of her. Police questions him what if something bad happen to her? What was that test she mentioned before? Police says to him he will arrest them if something goes wrong. Hasini informs to Police that he married her without 7 condition. He wants to see her as a brave one that’s why he send her there.

Police says that Hasini will get scared if they take blood test then why did he left her for forest test. Police praises Hasini by saying she will become a good actress. AJ takes her inside the room. Hasini says that her legs are paining because she stood a lot in forest. AJ helps her to massage her leg. Hasini thinks that she returned to home and also won the task too.

Episode end

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