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Thirumathi Hitler 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Maya is watching Horror movie alone. She feels like someone is sitting behind her. Hasini pretends like ghost and makes her scares. Maya runs from there in fear. Chakravarthy calls to Hasini and talks with her happily. Hasini wishes to meet him but he tells her she gonna visit him tomorrow reasoning they are gonna celebrate her Thala Diwali there. Hasini informs to him that she forget about it. He tells her all daughters used to torture their father to buy things for them but Hasini even forget her Thala Diwali. Hasini apologies to him and informs to him that they can’t able to come there. He questions her what happened? She informs to her that Jaya fainted yesterday so she can’t able to come there leaving Jaya alone.

Chakravarthy wishes to talk with her. Maya finds out Hasini whom scared her. Hasini gives the phone to Jaya. He enquires about her health she says everything to him and praises his daughter for saving her. Chakravarthy praises Hasini proudly. He informs to her that he called her to remind her about Thala Diwali but there is no use of it now. Jaya informs to Chakravarthy that AJ and Hasini will attend the function alone so don’t stop the function for her. Hasini says to her she won’t leave her alone in this state. Chakravarthy says to her its not good to celebrate it without her. Jaya says that Thala Diwali will come only once unlike wedding Anniversary. Chakravarthy convinces her and assures to her let’s go to village another one day.

Maya hears it and leaves from there to inform that news to Archana. Keerthana comes near Chakravarthy and tells him she don’t have new jewels so she wanna buy new one then only Hasini’s mother in law family will stare her proudly. Chakravarthy complaints that Thala Diwali canceled. Keerthana complaints that she purchased three sarie for three days everything wasted. Chakravarthy asks her to accompany him. She questions him Is he gonna but necklace for her? He questions her Is it necessary to her? He wishes to buy new dresses for Hasini and AJ at least. Maya complaints to Archana and Chithra that Hasini great escape from the village tour plan. Archana says it’s good.

Maya tells her that she wishes to see AJ getting tensed after visited the village. They wishes to provoke AJ against Hasini and kicks her out using that situation but everything flopped. Archana says to Maya its good he is not going there or else there is a chance Hasini family will manipulate AJ there. Maya says they missed an good opportunity. Archana says that Hasini will create situation by herself. We can kick her out as they wished none can’t able to save her. Archana adds that let’s celebrate Diwali well and plan against Hasini. Chithra says let’s place bomb inside cracker and kill her. Archana says they will also die with them. Jaya asks Hasini to prepare coffee she deny it reasoning she is drinking coffee a lot.

Hasini teases AJ there he comes there. He says that she can scolds him straightly instead of talking indirectly. He asks her to compare him with donkey instead of talking in this way. Hasini says that Donkey is a good animal she won’t compare it with him. Jaya complaints that she got sick in Diwali time because of her they can’t able to celebrate Thala Diwali. AJ argues with Hasini what’s the need to celebrate Thala Diwali in this state? He starts complaint on her unaware of the truth. Jaya explains to him Hasini didn’t said anything even Chakravarthy cancelled the plan. Jaya asks them to celebrate their Thala Diwali.

Hasini says to him that she don’t wanna celebrate it with him. Jaya asks them to stop arguing and agree to celebrate Diwali here at least. AJ leaves from there. Jaya shares to Hasini that AJ love to celebrate all functions but after Prevalika died he is staying away from all. She asks Hasini to take care of everything and arranges it well. Another side doctor enquires to the journalist when will this advertisement come to newspaper about Prevalika? He says tomorrow. Hasini is arranging everything for Diwali and enjoys while singing. Newspaper comes there she is reading it. Prevalika news is there.

Episode end.

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