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Thirumathi Hitler 25th May 2021 Written Update Maya finds the truth

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 25th May 2021 Written Update Maya finds the truth

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Hasini intentionally rubs her brush on her skin to pretend like she don’t where is her mouth? AJ questions her doesn’t she even know where is her mouth? He complaints that she know where is her mouth while eating but not when she is brushing her teeth? Hasini complaints that he is scolding her and teasing her after snatching her eyes from her. She says to him she don’t need his help at all. She asks him to leave and roam around the city happily. AJ rolls his eyes and asks her to open her mouth. She questions him doesn’t he asks her to close her mouth then why did he asking her to open it now?

AJ complaints that he can able to help her brush only if she open her mouth! Hasini opens her mouth. AJ helps Hasini to help her brushing. Hasini praises him for helping her. She comments that he hate her a lot though he is helping her this much then what about his wife? She says his wife is so lucky.

AJ face turns to dull after hearing about his wife. He asks her to wash her mouth. Hasini washes her mouth and spit out the water on mirror. AJ makes faces and complaints that she ruined the mirror. He takes her out. AJ is waiting outside the washroom. He questions Hasini how much time she needs to take bath? He asks her to come out soon reasoning he want to go to restaurant! Hasini says to him that she is rubbing soap on her back will he help her to do it? AJ makes faces and asks her to take her own time to bath. Hasini is singing to irritate him. Hasini asks him to give sarie to wear after bath. She asks him to iron it perfectly too.

AJ calls Chithra. She iron it for Hasini irritated. Hasini comes out wearing the sarie. She is crying her hair. Chithra stops Maya and tells her they shouldn’t enter inside husband and wife room without permission. Maya complaints that its for normal couple but here AJ hates Hasini he will never do anything favour to her. Hasini asks AJ to help her adjusting her sarie fleets. AJ thinks what’s stored up for him in future and starts helping her. Maya and Chithra shocks to see it all. Hasini asks AJ to place the towel on hanger.

Chithra complaints that Hasini using this situation to bring close with AJ. Before AJ used to hate Hasini a lot now he only know to help her. He stop scolding her too. Chithra doubts she pretends to be blind to being close with him. They assured to AJ that they will take care of Hasini. Hasini locks the door and starts dance in her room. Hearing this song Chithra is dancing in kitchen. Hasini wishes to watch TV. Chithra doubts who is watching TV. She finds no one watching it in hall. She finds Hasini is laughing seeing comedy film. She gets angry and rushes to Maya room. Maya is busy in applying lipstick. Chithra complaints to her that Hasini is watching TV. Maya supports her later realizes that Hasini is blind. She checks Hasini and finds Chithra is correct.

Hasini notices them and fears to get caught. She starts complaining that she can only hear the sound but can’t able to see anything. Maya tries to make her scared. Hasini endure it all and pretending like blind. Hasini acts like finding Maya there and asks her to leave from her room. Maya and Chithra thinks that Hasini is betraying everyone here. They wishes to inform this news to AJ. AJ returns to house Maya and Chithra complaints to him that Hasini is not blind but acting!

Episode end.

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