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Thirumathi Hitler 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with AJ returns to house and questions Maya and Chithra how is Hasini? Is they bring anything to Hasini to eat? Hasini notices this all from stairs. Maya complaints to AJ that Hasini don’t need anything. If she needs anything she can take it in her own. Hasini gets shock to hear it. AJ questions them why are they blabbering? How will Hasini can able to do anything in her own doesn’t she blind? Maya and Chithra makes faces. AJ complaints that Hasini can’t even take a step forward alone?

Then why did they blaming her unnecessarily? Chithra complaints just allow her to participate in marathon she will get first prize in it. Hasini thinks that Maya and Chithra is trying to expose her to AJ. AJ questions Chithra Is they making fun of him? Maya complaints they are not but Hasini whom watched Comedy movie and laughed like hell in her room. They stare it with their own eyes. Hasini thinks that she spoiled everything in one day.

Maya informs to AJ that Hasini is not blind she is pretending to be blind. AJ didn’t believes it and comments they may misunderstood something. Maya and Chithra stands in their point. AJ says to them that he clearly saw how much she suffered in pain after hot oil fell into her eyes. She didn’t lied to him. Maya says to him she is cheating him she is acting well here. AJ question them what will Hasini get from this all? Doesn’t she love to roam around happily then why should she sit inside one room like this.

She don’t need to act like this. Maya complaints she may has her own reason yesterday night she saw her talking with someone in phone. She managed the situation and went from there when she questioned her. AJ questions them what’s the need to Doctor lies to him? He clearly said to him she want to go under surgery. He saw her crying in pain and blabbering in worry. Maya questions him doesn’t Hasini cheated him many times the. How could he believe her this time?

AJ says to them he believes her and she is not acting this time. Maya questions him what if she acting? AJ says to them that he will throw her out of this house. Hasini gets shock to hear it. She thinks that she spoiled everything. If he throws her out then how will she collect the evidence and give it to Vickram.

Hasini pretends like fall on stairs and shouts for help. AJ rushes to her to help her. AJ questions her why did she came out? She informs to him that she felt thirsty that’s why came out but slipped down. AJ says to her he is paying to see her getting back her vision soon. He takes her to his room while carrying her in his hand. Maya and Chithra gets irritates to see it. He makes Hasini sit in bed and asks her to be careful. Hasini informs to him that she heard vadivelu jokes to forget her pain. She felt thirsty that’s why she went out.

AJ confronts his daughters in law and says to them Hasini fell down because of them. They misunderstood her. AJ asks them to help her instead of doubting. Maya thinks that AJ won’t believe them till he see Hasini true face. Maya brings one snake charmer there. She informs to Chithra that she gonna throw snake in Hasini room. After seeing snake she will start shout in fear. She will caught red handed. Chithra appreciate her idea.

Trio leaves to AJ room. Hasini thinks that she wants to be careful and collect the evidence soon. She wishes to send AJ to jail and she wanna be a actress. She says good night to AJ and lays down. AJ is talking with clients busy. Snake charmer throws the snake in AJ room. He leaves from there. Snake moves near AJ. Chithra and Maya gets shock to see it. Hasini notices the snake and gets shock to see it.

Episode end.

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