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Thirumathi Hitler 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Chithra and Maya takes the snake charmer near AJ room. Shake charmer questions them whom he wants to aim in these two? Maya asks him to throw snake on that lady who is sleeping like villain! He comments that she is not looking like villain at all. Chithra questions him does they look like villain to him? Snake charmer apologies to them and advises to his snake and throws it inside the room. He bids bye to them. Maya questions him where is he going without taking his snake? He informs to her its know well to return home so nothing to worry. Snake moves near AJ and acts like biting him.

Maya and Chithra gets scare to see it. Hasini notices the snake and gets up in shock. She starts vibrate her lips in shiver. Maya and Chithra thinks that their plan gonna work out now. Hasini starts singing there to manage the situation. AJ asks her to stop disturbing him and sleep well. Hasini thinks how did snake entered into her room? There is no chance of it to come inside? She thinks that Maya and Chithra doing it intentionally to make her truth come out. She curses them and thinks how to escape from the snake?

Hasini asks AJ to give water to her to get his attention. He asks her to take water from her left side. Hasini prays to make AJ turns to her side. Hasini shouts that she is feeling cold. AJ is busy in talking with conference call he refuses the temperature not even minding her. Hasini pretends like get hiccup. Snake pretends like biting her. Hasini starts pray to snake and offers many items to it as return. Hasini has no other option to she shouts loudly that she wants to use the bathroom. AJ gets irritates and asks her to calm down. Hasini warns him if he don’t take her then she will pee on bed. Maya and Chithra makes faces there.

AJ disconnects the call and stares Hasini. He shocks to find out the snake there. Hasini thinks there is no more problems he will take care of this snake. He can able to fight with goons also do this snake is simple matter to him. AJ is shivering in fear. Hasini notices it and thinks his building is strong but basement is weak it’s seems. Maya complaints he is scared of snake but scolding them often. AJ keep talking with Hasini to console her. Hasini is pretends like not seeing anything. AJ tries to hold the snake but scared to hell. AJ asks Hasini to sing. She starts to sing there Chithra dancing for it. AJ somehow holds the snake and moves to throw it out. Maya and Chithra hides from there.

AJ throws the snake out and closes the door. It unfortunately fall on Maya and Chithra! They starts to shout and runs from there in fear. AJ says to Hasini he threw out the snake. Hasini starts to shout as snake! Snake! AJ hugs her and console her. Hasini pretends like scared to get his attention and thinks that he saved her on right time. If she shouted seeing snake then she would have faced storm now. AJ asks her to take rest and goes down. Chithra complaints to Maya that snake scared them instead of Hasini. She spoiled their plan.

Chithra lays on Maya lap. AJ comes there and questions them why didn’t they sleep yet? They lies to him work finished now. AJ narrates to them what happened in room. AJ complaints that snake would have bite Hasini because it’s very close to her but Hasini didn’t shout as all? It’s clearly showing she is blind. They may misunderstood her. Chithra says she may pretended like that in order to not get caught. AJ deny it and stands in his point. He asks them to take care of Hasini instead of giving head pain to him.

Prevali shakes her finger. Nurse notices it and brings doctor there. Prevail mutters AJ name and lost her conscious. Doctor says it’s good improvement. Keep take care of her.

Episode end.

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