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Thirumathi Hitler 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Hasini is seeping in her room. Her phone starts ringing there seeing Vickram name she gets shocked. Hasini says to AJ that she wanna use the washroom. AJ helps her to go inside the washroom. Hasini question Vickram why don’t he sleep at night instead of torturing her? He says to her he can’t able to sleep till AJ going to jail. He asks her to give the evidence! She informs to him that she is trying to take it. He says to her that she was pretending like blind so its easy to take evidence. She complaints to him that all are watching her always.

Vickram threatens her to take the evidence soon or else he will kill her father. She complaints that AJ killed Prevali it’s wrong thing he is torturing her like this what’s name to it? She disconnects the call. Hasini thinks that she wanna give the evidence soon or else he may kill her father. Hasini thinks that she wanna open the locker today at any cost. AJ helps Hasini to lay on bed. AJ informs to her that he is gonna continue this conference call in outside for two hours. Hasini nods to him. AJ leaves from there. Hasini walks near the locker and tries to open the locker but it’s not opening. She doubts what’s the password of it?

AJ comes there and questions her what’s she doing here? She thinks that she was caught red handed. She questions him when did he came? He questions her what is she doing near his locker? She informs to him that she was checking all things without his help. He questions her why is she doing it? She lies to him that she can’t ask help to him always that’s why. She wishes to pretend like sleep in order to escape from him. AJ is keep staring her in doubt. Hasini stares him through her corner of her eyes. AJ decides to find the truth soon. He doubts whether she is acting or not? Maya and Chithra sitting to take break fast.

Chithra enquires to Maya about AJ. Maya says to him that AJ went to bring Hasini here. Both thinks that Hasini acting well they wanna prove the truth soon. AJ brings Hasini down she thinks that AJ is still believing him she wishes to take the evidence after he left. AJ asks Hasini to sit she sits on his lap. He helps her to sit on chair and serves to her. Maya and Chithra gets irritates to see it and thinks they will show hell to her after AJ left. AJ informs to them that he is taking Hasini out. Hasini thinks what’s going on? Maya and Chithra gets irritates to hear it. AJ informs to Hasini it’s a surprise.

AJ says to Hasini that he will suffer a lot to learn about her eyes. Hasini thinks that he got doubt on her in locker matter. AJ leaves from there with Hasini. Maya complaints that Hasini opened her mouth correctly when AJ feed her its clear that she can able to see but AJ is not believing them and treating her as enemy. AJ is driving the car Hasini thinks where is he taking her? AJ questions her why is she silent? Hasini says to him that he will loss his concentration that’s why. He says to her his concentration won’t change always. He thinks that truth will be out soon. AJ is driving the car into forest.

AJ doubts Is she know they are going inside the forest? If she has vision then she would have question him where are they going? She questions him where are they going? He informs to her they are going to temple. She finds out that he is testing her. She questions him why did he planned it out of the blue? He says to her everything happening surprisingly. He lies to her they reached to temple. She doubts why is he lying and thinks that she wanna keep acting. He wishes to find out the truth by hitting the tree with car. He expects Hasini to shout in fear!

Episode end.

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