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Thirumathi Hitler 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Chithra taking down Hasini from her room. Hasini questions Chithra what’s the break fast? Chithra says everything is ready for her. Hasini questions her doesn’t they cook Mutton chops for her? She says to her its also ready. Hasini questions her who cooked it? Chithra lies she cooked it. Haaini says then she won’t eat that food Chithra stops her and tells her servant cooked it. Hasini notices the glass pieces scattered down. She doubts why is glass pieces are scattered down? She doubts why is AJ and Maya staring her moves kneely? Hasini guesses that today is glass test day like forest test day. She thinks that AJ has no rest it seems he is busy in checking her always.

Hasini thinks how will she escape from this today? It seems AJ makes her walk on this glass pieces today! Hasini lies to Chithra that she don’t feel hungry so she will eat later. Chithra deny it and asks her to come with her. Hasini thinks she is not gonna leave her. Hasini tells her dining is in left side why is she taking her straightly? Chithra complaints that she know everything. Hasini thinks that no option then walking on glass pieces. If she don’t walk on it then AJ will doubt her again. Hasini walks on Glass pieces and starts shouts. AJ gets worry for her and sits beside her.

Hasini shouts that something Peirce into her feet. AJ informs to her its glass pieces. Hasini questions him whom bring it here? AJ complaints that Maya and Chithra planned this all. AJ scolds his daughters in law for doing like this even after he stops them. Hasini thinks that he supported them and pretending like scolding them in front of her. AJ complaints that Hasini got hurt like he said. AJ asks them to stop doubting Hasini she is blind. If she wanna prove she is blind then she wanna takes out her eyes to prove it.

AJ carries Hasini in his hand and takes her to his room. AJ first aid to her wounds and apologies to Hasini. He informs to her that he was already in guilt for left her alone in forest though he allowed them to test her again today. He tells her its his mistake that she lost her sight and suffering this much too. He says to her honestly that he regret for his deeds. He apologies to Hasini again. Hasini thinks that AJ is in good mood it seems. She feels sorry towards him for lying like this to him.

Maya complaints that their plan flops. AJ is not believing them at all. Chithra starts crying there. Maya enquires to her why is she crying? Chithra informs to her she hurts her leg with glass pieces. Hasini intentionally pulls her along with her so her leg also wounded. Maya scolds her and leaves. Chithra pouts and leaves from there limping

AJ questions Hasini Is she can able to walk? She nods. AJ asks her to come with him. Hasini deny it reasoning he will leave her somewhere else like yesterday. AJ apologies for that and asks her to trust him this time. He is taking her for a good thing. Hasini thinks something big gonna happen situation be careful. AJ takes Hasini to eye hospital. Hasini gets shock to see it. AJ helps her to get down from car. Hasini thinks that she is finish today. Jaya wishes to give AJ hair to god if her eyes come back but it seems they will cut her hair for lying. She fears do get caught red handed. Hasini stands there nervous. AJ tells her its a surprise to her. He takes her to the best eye hospital. If she checks here then she will get her eyes soon. Hasini thinks gets ready to face the earth quake. AJ gonna kill her after he learn the truth.

Hasini lies to him in different way to not meet the doctor but AJ is adamant to take her inside and cure her. Hasini says she is feeling head pain. He says its bad symptom so let’s meet doctor. Hasini says to him that she can see little see little so she hope that her vision will be back soon. AJ says it’s a positive news let’s meet doctor. AJ takes her near doctor and informs to her everything. Doctor informs to him let’s check her and perform the surgery if needed. Hasini signals to her don’t. Doctor tells to AJ it seems she is not blind because she is signaling to her!

Episode end.

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